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Christina El Moussa Plastic Surgery: Still Beautiful

Christina El Moussa is a real estate investor and TV personality known to co-host the HGTV series Flip or Flop. She was offered the TV job after spending some years running a vastly popular and successful real estate agency within the South California area. Today, she and her husband run a big real estate known as The El Moussa Group which is based in Orange Country, California. She hosts Flip or Flop together with her husband, Terek El Moussa. Christina El Moussa Plastic Surgery rumor has been flying through the media, with her fans joining the world in speculating that she did it, and questioning why she might have done it. The sudden change in her looks has left everyone who knows even the littlest information about her asking questions and demanding answers. Read more…


Marnie Simpson Nose Job: A Job Done Right

Any celebrity would tell you that being in the limelight is not an easy task. They are constantly getting scrutinized and judged concerning their appearance. It can get quite tough especially if you are getting older. This is because you have no more youthful looks to make you stand out. Most celebrities therefore turn to plastic surgery to not only fix some of their flaws but to stem off the effects of ageing as well. Marnie Simpson has not been left out on all this. Marnie Simpson Nose Job is one of the most talked about when it comes to famous celebrity plastic surgery procedures. Read more…


Katrina Kaif Plastic Surgery: New Look For Katrina

Katrina Kaif is a famous actress from India. Plastic surgery has become quite popular in Hollywood and it has spread and become a trend in other parts of the world as well. Even Bollywood celebrities are now being rumored to have had plastic surgery procedures to fix some flaws and hopefully maintain youthful looks. Katrina Kaif Plastic Surgery is one of the most talked about; s she has not been left out from the speculations. Katrina has been in the spot light for a long time since she started her career in acting from a very young age. She is most known for starring in Namastey in London and Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya. She has time and time again received criticism for being in a male dominated industry. However, she is one of the most successful actresses in Bollywood and has been featured in some of the best box office movies such as Dhoom 3. Read more…


Snooki Plastic Surgery: Serious Changes Over Six Years

Snooki Plastic Surgery ControversyNicole Polizzi, aka Snooki is a reality star. She is known for her role in “Jersey Shore”. Fans are accusing Snooki of indulging in too much plastic surgery. Just like most other celebrities, Snooki Plastic Surgery has sparked unending discussions among Hollywood fans. This highly talented young woman is openly using various plastic surgery procedures to enhance her naturally striking looks. The fact that she isn’t hiding it does not mean she should continue doing it. Her fans fear that she might eventually destroy her looks if she continues to get cosmetic procedures. Snooki looks completely different from the way she looked six years ago. Do you think plastic surgery is the only reason she looks so different? Read more…


Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery: Farrah’s Many Changes

Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery ControversyPlastic surgery has become common among most American celebrities. Both male and female celebrities undergo plastic surgery. Studies have shown that hundreds of celebrities in this nation have opted to jump unto the bandwagon because of pressure from their fans. One of the celebrities speculated to have gone under the surgeon’s knife is Farrah Abraham. Abraham has greatly changed. Her fans and critics have been spreading gossip that she went for surgery to correct her flaws. Apparently, Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery consists in several procedures to attain her current looks. Here are some of possible surgical procedures that she is likely to have undergone. Read more…


Dove Cameron Plastic Surgery: A Few Suspicious Changes

Dove Cameron Plastic Surgery ControversyDove Cameron is among those celebrated who are speculated to have undergone plastic surgery in the recent past. The upcoming Hollywood super is alleged to have joined the likes of Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus who have gone under the surgeon’s knife to enhance on their looks. The American actress and singer became more popular after starring in the teen Sitcom Liv and Maddie among other movies that have taken the entertainment industry. One of the questions that many people have kept asking is why Cameron would decide to go for plastic surgery at such an early age. As much as we try to find out why she opted to go for plastic surgery, we need to know that she is not the only one who has done so. This discussion has outlined some of the procedures many experts presume that the Dove Cameron Plastic Surgery must be true. Read more…


Brielle Biermann Plastic Surgery: A Way Too Soon

Brielle Biermann Plastic Surgery ControversyBrielle Biermann is one of the most popular television personalities in the United States of America and entire world. Born on 25th February 1997, Brielle Biermann has won the hearts of many because of her great talent and charming looks. Hate her or love her Brielle Biermann is going places. There have been speculations that Brielle Biermann went under the surgeons knife to correct what other term as flaws. Whether the rumors are anything we can go by or not, Brielle looks younger than most of her age mates. Many people have been spreading gossip from one corner of the country to another that she did something to her looks. If you are among those who feel that she is likely to have visited a surgeon for an operation then read on to find out the truth behind Brielle Biermann Plastic Surgery.
Read more…


Mindy Kaling Plastic Surgery: A Project Done Well

Mindy Kaling Plastic Surgery ControversyWe live in a world where people judge others by their image, and great importance is paid to appearance. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why so many people, especially celebrities, are obsessed with plastic surgery. Hollywood is a plastic surgery hot bed, with its celebrities leading the world in applying cosmetic procedures to enhance their looks and acquire flawless looks. It helps them maintain their superiority in the society. Some procedures often go wrong, while there are lots of successful plastic surgery cases that leave everyone admiring. Mindy Kaling Plastic Surgery is one of the good ones. Mindy is an actress, a comedian, and a writer. She starred in sitcom’s The Mindy Project. She is also well known for her other work on sitcom, The Office. Read more…


Lele Pons Nose Job: A Good Idea and A Good Result

Lele Pons Nose Job ControversyThanks to the internet, you can now become a celebrity by simply making your presence known in the internet. This is exactly how Lele Pons became the celebrity that she is today. She is just 20 years old and has gathered more than 6 million followers in the internet. This is quite a lot since there are some celebrities who have not even gotten to one million despite being in the entertainment scene for years. Lele Pons is mostly known for being the first to get to a billion loops and was honoured for it. Most people love her because she is very honest and does not hide things from her fans. Lele Pons Nose Job reveal is probably one of her most honest moments. Read more…


Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery: True or Just Rumours?

Ariana Grande
is one of Hollywood entertainment industry’s fastest rising stars. She is also one of the cutest souls in Hollywood, with her looks leaving everyone, including her Hollywood counterparts, wowed and admiring. Apart from her success in music and her steady rise in the celebrity ladder, Ariana seems to be getting even more famous for other reasons too. Of late, this young talent has become a common topic in the media and social media platform for plastic surgery rumors and allegations. This cute princes is as talented as she looks, and her voice reflects her natural beauty. But it seems she has started following the plastic surgery trend that is common in Hollywood. At only 23, Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery rumors has left many Hollywood fans appalled. Read more…

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