Have you wondered why Dr. Phil’s wife Robin McGraw denies plastic surgery?

The introduction of modern technology has greatly affected our society today. This new invasion has wildly spread across the world.

Plastic surgery is no exception; it is a surgical procedure that is used by doctors either to reconstruct a person’s body or to restore him.

Many people especially celebrities have been indulging themselves in this kind of surgical procedure in order to enhance their looks. They believe by doing this, they tend to look more attractive.

Well, this is not the case for all of them. Some people have been lucky to have a successful surgery while others are not successful and end up messing their bodies completely.

Robin McGraw is one of the most famous female celebrities who is believed to have performed plastic surgery on her face.

She is the famous media personality and also one of the bestselling authors in America who wrote two books; What’s Age Got to do with it and Inside My Heart.

Many people know her for being one of the characters and co-host in Dr. Phil’s show

She has created many programs that seem to focus on women and children. Her main intention is to help those who are affected by domestic violence.

Due to this, she has launched the Robin McGraw Revelation Foundation which is a charitable foundation aimed at inspiring women to leave a stress free life.

Robin, who is married to Phillip McGraw and blessed with two sons, is a national spokesperson for Court Appointed Special Advocates for children. Her devotion to child welfare enabled her to win many awards such as the Heart of Gold Award.

She has in several times worked with her husband and co-hosted many television events such as Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular.

Being a famous host of Dr. Phil Show, she’s now been in the limelight and very many people are keeping their eyes on her.

Plastic surgery gossips and rumors are some of the things celebrities have to cope within their day to day lives and Robin has not been left behind.

Very many people have raised questions concerning her looks.

It is speculated that this famous actress had plastic surgery because she appears to look younger than her age and according to most of the people, she not aging anytime soon.

She is expected to have to start to develop wrinkles on her face but this is not the case.

Has Robin McGraw had plastic surgery?

Comparison of her before and after plastic surgery clearly show that she has probably had some of the various procedures like facelift, nose job, cheek implants or Botox injections.

Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery speculations – Because there is no sign of old age at all

The shape of her nose looks totally different compared to her before the surgery photo. Her nose now seems to look narrow and has a pointed tip.

The face of her shape now seems to appear well. This is believed to be some of the changes caused by cheek implants or facelift procedure. At her age, she’s clearly expected to have sagging cheeks. Her boobs are also speculated to have been lifted. Definitely, a perfect boob job was performed on her.

Although there are some speculations that Robin McGraw performed plastic surgery on her body, it is very hard to prove these claims.

According to her version of the story, she says that her good body and facial appearance is as a result of perfect work out, good dieting and also her genes.

She has totally denied these rumors made by people and clearly terms them as mere speculations.

She has always denied these speculations but her fans don’t seem to be convinced. Many celebrities who tried to have some changes in their bodies ended up to have botched bodies.

Now people tend to say that Robin must have been very lucky to have the best surgeon who did a great job on her body because until now she has not been able to show any signs of getting old?

No wrinkles or even sagging cheeks, everything on her body seems to appear perfect.

Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery: Are the Rumors True?

No one can really tell the truth behind Robin’s appearance. If she has publicly denied these allegations then what else can you say? This is now a matter of opinion. Taking a good look at her before and after photos is the only way to clear people’s doubt.

Robin says everything in her body is natural and all she does is drinking a lot of water and also applying some natural creams on both her hands and face to help enhance her looks.

Well, it is obvious that her critics are not satisfied with her statements concerning her looks.

Can I be totally honest with you?

Personally, I think she had plastic surgery. I am indeed convinced because according to my research about the physical appearance of people who were born at the fifties.

Also comparing her photos that are believed to be taken before and after the surgery, there are some noticeable physical changes in terms of shape. Definitely, it was successful because she is not showing any signs of aging and she looks attractive now than before.

Quite a number of people have also given their opinions that Robin did have surgery performed on her and criticize her for not being honest and open to her fans. See Her Transformation Over Time!

The speculations of Robin’s plastic surgeries has made headlines in many entertainment celebrity gossips and media personalities have been seen to follow this story keenly by uploading her before and after surgery photos.

But until now this whole story has never been solved.

Robin McGraw’s Plastic Surgery still remains a mystery because she has remained firm about allegations made concerning her looks. Although, critics still believe she made some changes on her body through surgery and they think she is not honest.

She claims her physical looks is as a result of doing work out on a daily basis and eating healthy meals that have contributed to her younger looks.

Well, as a reader everyone is entitled to an opinion. Do you think Robin McGraw plastic surgery speculations are true?