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By2 Plastic Surgery – The twins that don’t look like each other anymore

By2By2 is the stage name for a Taiwan-based Singaporean pop music duo made up of twin sisters Miko Bai and Yumi Bai, both 23 years old. They released their first record back in 2008, still in their teenage years, and they have since become hugely successful in China, especially with their 2010 album “Grown Up”, the third in their catalogue, which reportedly shifted a third of all record sales in China for that year. Their latest album, “Cat and Mouse”, was released in 2015. Given the incredible pressure put on Asian women and girls, especially pop stars, to look a certain way, and the fact that extreme plastic surgery is quite popular in the Asia-Pacific region, it isn’t hard to believe there is some truth to By2 plastic surgery accusations. However, and even though their look has changed significantly during their career, the twins seem adamant on denying such rumors.

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