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Christie Brinkley Before and After Cosmetic Surgery

Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery: What Do You Think?

Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery ControversyModel and actress Christie Brinkley is already 61, yet she looks much younger than you’d expect. When interviewed by the Daily Mail, the actress shared some of her beauty secrets listed in her book titled “Timeless Beauty” where Botox and non-surgical fillers are mentioned. It is unusual to look so young at your 60s, but Christie does. One of the things that sets her apart from most of other Hollywood stars is the fact that she has admitted to using Botox to keep young in the face, and keep her wrinkles successfully contained. Her face is a no wrinkles zone, and you will hardly find any. Many people have been suspecting that she might be using different procedures to gain her youthful looks. What procedures do you think she might have used so far?

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