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Jonathan Cheban Plastic Surgery: You Be The Judge

Jonathan Cheban Plastic Surgery ControversyLife in the Hollywood comes with its own packages which you must live with. As a superstar, you will be attracting attention from all the walks of life and people will be always on your toes trying to scrutinize all the details concerning you. One such star who is currently experiencing the heat of Hollywood life is Jonathan Cheban. There are rumors and speculations that he might have gone under the knife so as to improve his physical looks and maintain a youthful look.

Maybe you are asking yourself who Jonathan Cheban is so let me introduce this gentleman to you. Jonathan is the CEO of the Command Public Relations firm. He is also the founder of a popular website the These two titles which though sound big don’t merit to make him popular and that is why there is one more thing that has revealed the start out of him. That is the close relationship that he has with the queen of socialites, Kim Kardashian. Jonathan has made several appearance in Kim’s reality show making him to gain some popularity.

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