Priyanka Chopra sexy1

Priyanka Chopra the Plastic Surgery Veteran

Priyanka Chopra plastic surgeryThe phobia for needles is slowly becoming a thing of the past more so among the women in Hollywood. Well, that was the case until some years back but now even Asians and Indians have embraced their fear and more so when the needle is going to improve their appearances or so they think. Though not new to the scene of cosmetic surgery, Priyanka Chopra’s plastic surgery has been the next Bollywood actress to hit the internet with waves this time with regards to her nose job.

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Jane Fonda before and after plastic surgery

Jane Fonda’s plastic surgery; behind the scenes of her exquisite look

Jane Fonda after plastic surgeryBorn in New York 76 years ago, Jane Fonda has had a successful acting career since rising into limelight in the 1960s. Apart from acting, she writes, models and she prides herself with unparalleled fitness prowess. At 76 years of age, Fonda still looks great and sensational, she still appears in movies and people like her. What is her secret? What is it that lies behind that look? Jane Fonda just seems to have defied Mother Nature’s aging demands, she has braved her lifetime journey and still looks strong at such an advanced age. Questions were raised and that explains the speed with which Jane Fonda’s plastic surgery went viral on the internet.

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Stephanie Pratt after plastic surgery

Stephanie Pratt after Plastic SurgeryAs it is nowadays with most Hollywood celebrities, Stephanie Pratt was not left behind in going to extremes so as to make herself look better. This gorgeous 28 year old blonde is a television personality well known for “The Hill” a reality television series that cast her into the limelight. She has also worked in “Made in Chelsea” also a reality TV series and is currently still on it. Stephanie has made a name for herself thanks to the numerous cosmetic procedures she has undergone to transform her look. She is even known to have struggled with bulimia due to her constant efforts and unhealthy obsession to become thinner. Pratt started having the plastic surgeries when she was only 23 and still continues to change her body features.

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