Today, Plastic Surgery has become very common, or, if you wish, a fashion statement. However, those statements often become a nightmare. Many celebrities tend to go too far with plastic surgeries and the result is that we ask ourselves: “ who is that person!?” Many movie and TV stars want to prolong their good looks, as we will see in the pictures below, they are not always successful.

Courteney Cox – Unsuccessful Plastic surgery

courteney cox plastic surgery disaster

Courteney Cox, an actress most famous for her role in TV series “Friends” and her marriage with fellow actor David Arquette was a beautiful woman with every chance to grow old gracefully, but instead she decided to use plastic surgery procedures. Successful? You be the judge.

Kim Novak Plastic Surgery : A Big Mistake

Kim Novak plastic surgery befoe and after

Kim Novak, a superstar actress from 60’s, famous for her role in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Vertigo”, could not accept that time does pass and decided that a plastic surgery is a solution. Unfortunately for this 81-year old actress, not a very good one. For some reason, Heath Ledger comes to mind.

Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Steven Tyler plastic surgery before and after

Steven Tyler, a Rock star, father of the actress Liv Tyler and a lead singer of the band Aerosmith is also a suspected user of plastic surgery procedures. We do not mind his recent “Captain Jack Sparrow” style, but “Nip and Tuck” for a Rock star? Really not necessary.

Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery Transformation

Heidi Montag plastic surgery 2006-2012

Heidi Montag, a TV reality star, did some serious changes with help of a modern plastic surgery. How much the several sizes increased cup size will help in Heidi’s career remains to be seen, hopefully at least the husband is happy.

Michael Jackson A Plastic Surgery Nightmare

michael jackson plastic surgery gone wrong

Michael Jackson, a POP superstar and musical genius had become equally famous for his multiple plastic surgery procedures over the years. Chin, nose, cheekbones …. All that lead to complete transformation of the singer. He also supposedly suffered from severe case of vitiligo (skin pigmentation loss). Certainly, the fans and people around the world would love him without all that.

Melanie Griffith Before And After Plastic Surgery

melanie griffith plastic surgery before and after

Melanie Griffith, an American actress married to a Spanish movie star Antonio Banderas sure look that she also sought help from plastic surgery, or she just looks older and different. Maybe keeping up with younger colleagues is taking its toll? Surely her lips, cheeks, and chin are looking slightly different.

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery Catastrophe

Lil Kim plastic surgery 2005-2015

Lil Kim, POP singer and a rapper did not wait long to get a help from modern medicine and plastic surgery. Although, remains unclear what look she chose. Hopefully she was not going for squinty gaze of Clint Eastwood, because she has it, like it or not.

Robin McGraw Before And After A Nose Job Surgery

Dr. Phil wife Robin McGraw nose job before and after

Robin McGraw, an writer and actress, famous for her marriage with Dr. Phil, also could not resist the marvels of plastic surgery. The difference on pictures above is very easy to spot since she did quite extensive nose job. This time, looks like the doctors did good job.

Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery : Good or bad job?

lindsay lohan before and after plastic surgery

Lindsay Lohan, an actress, most known for her movies made in her teen years, today is most known for her problematic lifestyle. She too is no stranger to plastic surgery procedures, as we can notice in the pictures above, where u can easily see the difference on the lips and chin. Does Lindsey look better now?

You decide…

Janice Dickinson – A Terrible Plastic Surgery Result

Janice Dickinson before and after plastic surgery

Janice Dickinson, ex model and a photographer went full throttle with plastic surgery procedures. Extensive corrections on chin, lips, eyes, breast implants, and I am sorry to say but the result is not good and it looks very unhealthy, to say the least. Do not let Plastic Surgery to be your hobby!