Audrina Patridge after plastic surgeryAudrina Patridge, currently in her mid-20s is a successful young actress in Hollywood. She is best known for her role in “The Hills”, an MTV reality show. She has also made appearances in other films such as “Sorority Row”.

Besides acting, her sexy and hot looks together with her perfect body have made her a natural model. After a few years in the entertainment industry, Audrina Patridge plastic surgery was obvious.

At first, with such a successful career, it was not long before questions began to be raised: Is her body truly natural? Or is it as a result of injections and plastic surgeries?

These rumors had spread along with her career in the entertainment industry. It is not uncommon if such rumors of a celebrity are heard since, in Hollywood, appearance and outlook is everything.

Her chin had become sharper than it was before and her breasts also were rumored to have had implants. Patridge’s nose was also not spared; rumors of a nose job were fast gaining popularity.

Audrina Patridge before and after chin surgery and lip implants

The truth on whether Patridge has had any cosmetic surgery depends entirely on who you ask. Audrina herself has denied any claims that she has had a rhinoplasty (nose job).

However, she first had chosen to remain silent on the rumors of possible breasts implants.

Audrina before and after

Considering how young she is, it is also very possible that any changes that have occurred on her face and body might just be as a result of growing as her body gets rid of baby fat to become a mature woman.

As the issues on the possible chin alteration and nose job come and go, the question of her breasts persists. On one hand, it is quite possible that her breasts’ increase in size is a result of a procedure performed by a knowledgeable and talented plastic surgeon.

On the other hand, you cannot ignore entirely the fact that weight gain could have enlarged her breasts and that firm stature is as a result of her vitality and youth.

Audrina Patridge before and after boob job

When she was quizzed by an iPad news provider on whether she had had a breast enhancement surgery, she answered by saying that she has a chest problem, one of her chest bones is higher on one side and thus results in her chest’s proportionality.

Later on, she admitted to having her breasts augmented. It did not require the keenest of eyes to realize that Audrina had had a boob job. Like any other female celebrity today, her aim of getting breast implants was to appear more vivacious and sexy.

Some people say that her breasts were much better before she underwent the plastic surgery, you can be the judge on that.

Audrina Patridge after breast implants plastic surgery

One of the main reasons for Audrina Patridge plastic surgery speculation is her lips. She previously had very thin lips before. These days, her new lips give her a sultry look adding up to her remarkable image.

However, lips injections are temporary procedures. For Adriana to keep her pretty pout, she will have to make another visit to the plastic surgeon in a couple of years.