Tulisa jaw lineTula Paulinea Contostavlos, often referred to simply as Tulisa, is a 26 year old British singer, actress and television star. She is best known as a member of London-based hip-hop group N-Dubz, who broke up in 2011, as well as for her role as a judge on the hit singing competition The X Factor. She also released her solo album in 2012, which was well received by critics.

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Kenny-RogersKenny Rogers who is one of the biggest and longest living country music names was born on 21st August 1938. He is famous for his track like “The gambler” and other duets performed with other artists like Dolly Parton such as “Islands in the stream”. Unlike the cliché rugged look possessed by most men in the country music world, Kenny looked different. He openly admits to having undergone plastic surgery procedures even if he was not pleased by some of the outcomes.

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Anna Faris Plastic SurgeryPlastic surgery is usually a handy tool in upgrading your looks or altering that body part appearance that you hate most. It gives you an option to near body perfection. Plastic surgery is an option often sorted out for by celebrities and women. Some results are positive and others are just a disaster. The first step to making sure you get stunning results from your plastic surgery is finding a reputable plastic surgeon. For some people they also get obsessed with altering their looks until they get addicted to plastic surgeries.

For many celebrities however, it can be admitted that the results are usually astounding and great. Taking a case example at Anna Faris plastic surgery results which turned out great will even make you get tempted to consider getting some yourself. 

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Blake Lively Plastic SurgeryBlake Ellender Brown, known professionally as Blake Lively, is an American model, actress and household Goddess. She is better known for her starring roles on the hit TV series Gossip Girl and both of the “Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants” movies. Blake has been married to fellow actor Ryan Reynolds since 2012, whom she met on the set of the hit movie “Green Lantern”. Blake’s beauty and style have been admired in recent years as she graces several red carpets for premieres, film festivals and charity events.

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Khloe Kardashian plastic surgeryThe Kardashian surname comes with a fair share of controversy. Khloe reality TV shows, is making tabloid headline for all the wrong reasons. One could be mistaken that the DNA has stardom embedded in this family tree. A couple of months ago Khloe Kardashian made headlines in their epic divorce with basketball star Lamar Odom. The fact that it made headlines in both print and digital media showed the heavy weight nature of the Hollywood A-list.

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Robin McGraw Plastic SurgeryRobin McGraw is wife to the renowned television talk show personality; Dr. Phil. The 61 year old born star in Irving, Texas, is an actress as well as an author. Her much acclaimed debut book was titled Inside My Heart. This book features the principles and life choices that side with God’s will. Her other bestselling book is, What’s Age Got to Do with It? , that shares all her top secrets to achieve success.

Besides her success, Robin has managed to maintain her youthful looks which many critics attribute to plastic surgery. The speculation of Robin McGraw’s plastic surgery has been on the news now for a while.

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Angelababy plastic surgeryAngela Yeung Wing, famously known as Angelababy, a 25-year old model has both charm and both inner and outer beauty. Since the launch of her career at the age of 14, she has been leading the Hong Kong modeling scene and the world at large.

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Preity Zinta after plastic surgeryPreity Zinta is a famous Indian actress, who is arguably considered to be among the prettiest Indian actresses. Born in the year 1975, Preity Zinta has over the years built a solid career in the film industry having starred in many Bollywood movies that ended up being hits such as “The Hero”, “Love story of a spy” and many other wonderful Hindi movies. However, just like it is has become a norm for Hollywood celebrities, Preity Zinta plastic surgery allegations are doing rounds on the internet as well as some magazines.

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Park Bom plastic surgeryPark Bom is not your average lead singer. Born in South Korea, and having a United States education, Park is one of the most celebrated Asian artists. However, her musical prowess pales her plastic surgery infamy. Well most people argue that clients who seek after plastic surgery are asymptomatic to psychological issues; Park disputes this in principle and action. One would be fooled to believe that in deed a celebrity uncomfortable in her own self could in reality be psychology major from Lesley University.

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jennifer lopez plastic surgeryJennifer Lopez commonly called J-Lo is an American pop sensation in addition to being an actor, dancer, author, fashion designer, business lady and producer. She made her debut into acting in 1986 by playing a minor role in the film My little girl and consequently this marked the beginning of her life in the limelight. Jennifer Lopez went on to become the first Latina actress to cross the million dollar mark in earnings and has continued scaling the heights of the entertainment and music world’s and is currently among the acclaimed A-list celebrities. Whether Jennifer Lopez has undergone plastic surgery has been a subject great discussion drawing diverse and sensational opinions from many critics, analysts and fans. These article is going to analyze the Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery from different angles in addition to highlighting different facts, evidence, myths, confessions and denials.

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