Robin Wright plastic surgeryRobin Wright is a world-renowned American actress and a professional television director. She stared in Santa Barbara as Kelly Capwell and recently in House of Cards as Claire Underwood.

She also made a name in the Princess Bride acted in 1987 and Toys 1992 including many other films that made an impact due to her professionalism and confidence on the screen. She has been active through her career and has influenced a majority of upcoming young actresses who admire her great skills and creativity.

Robin Wright plastic surgery has been the talk behind the scenes, on celeb rumor magazines and media speculations.

Wright is now 48 years and many women of her age always start to indicate some signs of old age and accepting to bow down to the biological clock but according to this daring Hollywood actress, she is yet to accept the fact.

She confessed that the secret to her younger shinier and smooth face is hidden behind some Botox and chemical peels which have been helping her maintain some younger looks. The talented actress confessed that she has been going through the process which gives her a reason to live a better longer life and she is so selective on what to do to her body. This makes her skin smooth and ageless making her feel younger and energetic.

A comparison of her before and after pictures indicates that she has started acquiring some wrinkles on her face but they just disappeared immediately – A sure proof that she went for the surgeon knife.

Robin Wright before and after

According to celeb rumors, she might have gone for the breast augmentation procedure as an approach to make sure that she maintains tender and perfect boobs that will always define her glamorous and gorgeous looks.

A comparison of her current photos indicates a lot of changes in her breast size as compared to her previous photos. She seems to admire her current looks and this is what makes her continue enjoying her life as a renowned actress. She may be 48 but she still enjoys her youthful life.

She still tries to prove critics wrong for their claims about her breast surgery claims and points out that that is her natural looking breasts.

Reviews indicate that she might have gone for the lip augmentation procedure to improve her lips. This is subject to discussion and media speculations because we now can point a lot of changes as compared to her previous looks. All these plastic surgeries have been going through in her entire life since she came to the limelight.

Just like other celebrities, Wright admits that it is something not to astound the society because many women do it in the current generation and that it is a normal approach to life. In her confession, she states that some even do more than ten Botox fillers and they still look cool and cute.

Robin Wright plastic surgery carries a lot of facts since she self-confessed to some of the procedures and there are clear facts to tell the difference. She seems to be a darling for the surgeons’ knife and willing to change her looks regardless of her age.