Frances Bean Cobain plastic surgery rumorsFrances Bean Cobain a visual artist born in 1992 in Los Angeles California is a single daughter to guitarist Kurt Cobain and singer Courtney Love.

She was thrown into celebrity courtesy of the rumors that her parents were chronic drug users. In 2003 her mother was convicted for drug use which later on 2009 Frances put a restraining order on her mother while earlier on in 1994 her father took away his life.

Recently, Frances name has popped up and become a topic in forums not just regarding her super talent as a rock star but also regarding her recent look that is so different.

If one takes a close look at her body won’t fail to realize the use of enhancers on her looks and body.

Gossip has it that she has some plastic surgery on herself to enhance her look which is supposedly an effort to rising to fame like her father. She seems to have done chin implant, breast augmentation, nose job, and some lip filling.

Rumors to which doctor Michael Salzhauer who is a plastic surgeon attested to concerning the lip filling and chin implant.

Nose job surgery

Taking a close look at Frances’ nose and chin, you will notice that the features look is a little bit modified from what they used to look like. The edges and outline of her nose look more defined than before.

It is rumored that Frances took a bold step to enhance her nose look under the works of an expert plastic surgeon. The tip of her nose now looks sharper and thinner. Her chin also appears to be a bit prominent than the blunt flat one she had before.

Her lips look glossier and more filled than they used to. This can be attributed to some lip filling job by injection of Restylane or Juvederm.

Frances’ cheeks have also acquired a puffy look that makes them look different from what they looked like. No doubt that she must have injected an amount of Botox filler in them.

Frances Bean Cobain Before And After Lip Filling

Breast Implants Plastic Surgery

Looking at the photos of Frances boobs you will realize that the size has increased. They look bigger and more filled than before.

They have taken a more described shape and more steady. This is a trend that has been taken by many female celebrities that Frances must have been too inspired to copy.

Just at 22 years of age, Frances has already taken up the looks of a more mature woman. People have received this with mixed reactions as some say that it is at a very tender age for her to take that look by getting the enhancers.

Most of the celebrities have done plastic surgery on their bodies like Madonna who is age 55 and now looks as young as 25 can be said to have made it. Frances is just 22 and has enhanced her look, this has not been received well by a fraction of the public through her fans say that she now has a more authoritative mature woman look and they are okay with that.