Lana Del Rey Plastic SurgeryElizabeth Woolridge Grant better known as Lana Del Rey (her former stage name was Lizzy Grant) has been a subject of discussion in every media house recently. She was born in 1985 in New York. As she grew up, she had a great passion for music something that led her to follow her dream.

Lana Del Rey plastic surgery idea that has made her hit the headlines started when she had her name changed. She then decided to go a step further something that saw her change her appearance.

All this is attributed to the failure in her first attempt in the music career. After staying out of the limelight for a while she thought the best way to go about it was to have her imaged changed.

Despite criticism, she might have achieved what she wanted, fame. She owes a lot of credit to the surgeon who performed the job since it is not easy to tell whether is natural or fake the way.

Nevertheless, when you compare the photographs that she took when she was Lizzy Grant, you do not need glasses to tell the big difference that exists. From her perceptive, she feels she is great and those criticizing her are nothing but haters.

The great concern has resulted from her new lip and nose appearance, as many speculate that she has done some enhancement. Her lips are no longer the way they were.

They seem to be sexier as well as thicker than before. In most cases when one has thick lips, many will speculate that the person did some lip implantation. Could this be the case with Lana Del Rey?

Lana Del Rey after nose job and lip implants

Many experts have also joined others in the talk. In fact, one told the public that probably Lana Del Rey has Juvederm on her lips. Unlike the way she was in the past, she now takes on the appearance of Angelina Jolie who naturally is blessed with thick lovely lips.

With Lana, her lips appear quite unnatural. When you have a critical look at her lips, you will notice that the lower and the upper seem unbalanced. Despite the fact that it is common practice to fight signs but it does not mean that people should go beyond certain limits the way Lana Del Rey has done to herself of late.

Comparing her before and after photos, we can notice a slight change in the shape and appearance of her nose, which could be a result of rhinoplasty or nose job plastic surgery.

It is not only saddening but also astonishing when a young lovely girl decides to have appearance changed just for the sake of her future career. It is even more disturbing to note that she decides to use the artificial means to be who she is not.

Lana Del Rey difference before and after nose job

Personally, I feel perturbed by the idea that Lana throws away her real identity just for the sake of having the product selling in large numbers.

One surprising thing is that Lana has earned more fame because of her manufactured looks rather than the songs she wanted to let her known in the industry.

I wonder the type of information that the celebrity seems to be passing those children who are being brought up in the best ways possible.

If you met someone who asked by about Lana, will you tell him or her about the music she does or will it be gossip about her looks and plastic surgery procedures?

Although she has not said it, we think the next time we hear of her, she would have had some breast implant.