Suzanne Somers looking greatSuzanne Somers is a world-renowned America actress, businesswoman, singer and an author who has been in the limelight for many of her years for her active role and other important societal development roles.

She is well known for her television roles as Carol Lamber in Step by Step, Chrissy Snow in Three’s Company and for her appearance as a contestant on Dancing with the stars 2015 show.

As an author, she has written some bestselling books such as Ageless: The Naked Truth about Bioidentical hormones in 2006 and other two autobiographies that cover on book poetry and diet.

Suzanne Somers plastic surgery facts and rumors continue to spread across celeb gossip magazines and columns that describe her as a daring actress who risked her life for the surgeons’ life.

Somers has been through many surgeries until her face is hard to recognizable. She is no longer the natural beauty we used to admire and she has taken a different look that many critics always argue that she is no longer self-confident with her new looks.

A look at her before and after pictures indicates a lot of changes; she has been through surgeries to remove wrinkles in the quest of remaining young forever. A closer look at her face now indicates that she has also gone for Botox and other filler injections which have totally changed her face construction.

Though she does not look so bad after the surgeries, some media speculations indicate that she does not rhyme with the scars.

Suzanne Somers before and after plastic surgery photos

Recent media speculations indicate that Somers has been through the following surgeries.

Some have been successful in her body; Breast reduction, lip surgery, eyelid surgery and removal of eye bags.

Her eyes seem to struggle to the whole new surgeries within the regions. Her eyelid surgery seems to have been handled professionally according to rumor magazines. It is believed that the Hollywood celeb went for breast surgery since she was also diagnosed with breast cancer but we can now tell that she has also been willing to maintain her gorgeous young looks by trying hard to maintain her sagging breasts.

At 68 years now, she should accept and bow to the fact that old age must come at some certain point in life. She before and after pictures clearly tells of a woman who is not about to let old age take over her one glamorous body.

Suzanne Somers Dancing with the Stars

Suzanne Somers plastic surgery reviews indicate so much about her life and how she views beauty.

Her lip surgery was something that really hit the media speculations through the comparison of her previous pictures. She has now fuller lips and she confessed that she admires her great looks.

We are not sure of the rumors about her cheek implants, but she looks somehow different and claims are that she has been working on her cheeks to ensure that she maintains her younger cute smile.

Suzanne Somers

Plastic surgery can perfectly work or completely fail and we have witnessed a lot of celebrities who now live a life behind the media and cameras due to plastic surgery went wrong. Somers’ plastic surgery fact is something to think of the daring celebs and their thirst to undergo the surgeon’s knife.