amanda-cerny-plastic-surgery-controversyAmanda Cerny can be equally assumed as the girl next door who leads a normal life just like any other cute girl. Despite being a top model, she has tried to portray herself as an easy-going kind of person.

Amanda has been demystifying the traditional stereotypes about models by proving that she can still be a model and at the same time have her original personality.

She has great body physique that anyone would die for. Amanda is very beautiful and has really managed to keep her body in good shape. Her great physique has enabled her to be a Playboy model.

This article is about Amanda Cerny Plastic Surgery Rumors.

Though Amanda Cerny was doing well in the modeling field, not many people used to know about her. She is one of the people who properly used internet and social media to improve their lives.

Amanda’s popularity soared when she started making YouTube and Vine videos about common issues that a normal woman goes through in her life. She also started sharing videos of her daily workout routine.

She has since very popular in the major social media platforms such as Instagram, Vine, YouTube, Twitter, and Snapchat. Her huge success on the Vine has inspired her to try out a career on the big screen.

amanda-cerny-before-and-after-cosmetic-surgeryIt is everyone’s wish to be popular whereby everyone knows you because of what you have been doing. Though it may appear good, this popularity comes with its own costs.

You are always in the spotlight and everything about you or is always watched by the public. This means that regardless of the situation, you should always strive to look perfect, both physically and even emotionally. You always need to look hot for the screens whether you are old or young.

Most of the Hollywood stars have given in into this pressure and have gone under the knife so as to maintain their beauty.

She has not been spared of Amanda Cerny Plastic Surgery rumors.

Breast Augmentation

You don’t have to be an expert to notice a good number of changes on Amanda’s body. One thing that we can all agree is that Amanda has got the boobs. Her boobs look super perfect but they also appear to be different from the way they were some months back.

Could it be that her vigorous workout routine made them be that firm and much bigger? It will take several years for one to be convinced about this fact. This has led to speculations that she might have gone through breast augmentation procedure so as to increase the size of her breasts. They are too good perfect to be natural.



Amanda Cerny has a very nice face that is characterized by sweet yummy lips. The lips that you can just stare for a whole day and even ask for more than just staring.

They appear to be fuller than before sparking speculations that she might have had liposuction and Botox injection so as to make them the way they are.


Just like other Hollywood stars who have been linked to plastic surgery, she manages the Amanda Cerny Plastic Surgery rumors and gossips just fine. She has stayed mum on the issue leaving her fans with more questions.

Though it is possible to achieve this body with her healthy lifestyle, some things need more than just natural healthy routines.

Amanda Cerny Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos