At 53 years, Carol Vorderman is one of those women who get you keep wondering how why they don’t look like their age. Carol still looks young and as gorgeous as ever. She is a media personality from Britain and has for the past 26 years hosted “The Countdown” a British Channel 4 game show. She is also an anchor to the show “Loose Women”.

Vorderman has phenomenal boobs and that may be part of the reason why she was cast in “Loose Women”, to keep the fans entertained and to ensure the show kept good ratings. The award-winning anchor has firm D-cup breasts and even though they are natural, for a woman her age, they ought to have sagged a bit.

Unless of course, she had work done on them; a boob job to be precise. Vorderman like many other celebrities has never admitted to a breast augmentation but her before and after pictures suggest otherwise. When she was younger, about 29 years ago Carol had smaller breasts, way smaller and as much as she may be defended by the fact that they grew, who grows breasts that size that fast?

Carol Vorderman recently commented in an interview that she had been previously been told off by a prominent T.V personality that she would never make it in the industry because her “tities” were not big enough. Well whoever said that was obviously wrong, seeing that Vorderman is one of the most popular media personalities in Britain with quite a huge fan base. Also, her pair of breasts are certainly big enough.

Being quite the anchor in the nineties may perhaps be the reason why she has breast implants or maybe the gentleman got to her head. Currently, her bra size is 32D but it is definitely not her natural breasts. However, given that the Dutch-Welsh anchor still looks amazing, we have to give credit to her doctors who have ensured that even at her age, she remains sexier than most younger women. Carols sense of style and composure have earned her a soft spot not only in her employers but also in the public’s eye.

There is nothing wrong with getting breast implants if one feels that they should, more so in Vorderman’s case, her boob job may be part of the reason she is so successful as a show host. She had definitely helped the ratings of “Loose Women” and herself as well; I mean have you seen that woman’s body? Her breast surgery was worth every penny.