Julie Bowen Plastic SurgeryThey say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Who is your most beautiful celebrity today? Julie Allen? Beyonce? Nicky Minaj? Lady Gaga?

Take your pick, I know you have one. You will be surprised at what lengths she went just to make you love her consistently. But with the celebrity gossip and the social media era.

You probably know that she had plastic surgery. As history recalls, plastic surgery is an ancient practice, from the Egyptians, the Indians, the Romans, the British, and finally to the Americans.

If Heinrich Von Pfolspeundt the 15th-century plastic surgeon resurrected today, he will ask God to take him back.

The existing records of plastic surgery practices today is quite remarkable. In 2014, 16 million cosmetic procedures were done in the United States alone.

So, what about Julie Bowen plastic surgery?

Some people think it’s bad, some think if it makes you look good, then you should go for it.

But if you were in the shoes of Hollywood celebrities, I am sure if you have not done it by now, you probably thinking about doing it. Because everybody wants to look good. If you don’t, too bad for you. I am sure you know Julie Bowen?

Well, the American actress had plastic surgery. If you think its just gossip, you should update your celebrity info. Take a look at this photo of her before and after she had the procedure.

Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

There is a slight difference in her breasts when assessed at close range. So can it be that she did a breast implant?

The answer to that is a big yes! And as if that’s not enough, the Modern family actress went ahead and did skincare. You must admit, she is brave.

This is a woman who has to meet the public eye, and everybody watches closely and there is no way they won’t notice the changes on her body.

Julie Bowen, not only stared in the modern family but she has quite some ranks in the Hollywood business.

The 45-year-old mother of three played the role of Carol Vassey on Ed ( 2000-2004), Denise Bauer on Boston Legal (2005-07), Sarah Shepard on Lost (2005-07), and her famous Modern Family (2009-2015) as Claire Dunphy. She has also appeared in movies like Happy Gilmore, Multiplicity, Venus and Mars, Joel Somebody, Jumping the Broom, horrible bosses, and others.

What’s so different about her?

She admitted to doing skin care treatments, how outstanding is that?

Normally other celebrities won’t admit to that. She used the Fraxel laser to get rid of the wrinkles that made her look aged.

Julie Bowen

About Fraxel laser skin care

This amazing skin resurfacing treatment changes the texture of all skin types and their colors effectively. It uses fractional laser technology that does wonders to the skin.

After the treatment, the skin looks younger, smooth, improved tone, erases unwanted spots on the skin, it even removes surgical scars and wrinkles. So what’s the magic here?

This technology tricks your skin into creating new skin replacing the damaged ones making your skin younger.

Other celebrities with plastic surgery

So does the backstops with Julie Bowen?

No way, other celebrities have to look young and beautiful too. Plus, they have to keep their followers.

Avril Lavigne, the Canadian singer-songwriter underwent surgery in 2013. She took nose job and breast implants.

Here are the photos of her before and after.

Avril Lavigne Breast Implants Plastic Surgery

Avril Lavigne Nose Job Plastic Surgery

Fancy Australian singer Iggy Azalea also sparked the gossip of her undergoing the knife.

Her nose and chin looked slightly different.

The rumors were laid to rest as the Us weekly, confirmed that she actually did. This is after she had admitted earlier that she had bigger boobs implanted.

Iggy Azalea breast implants before and after

Iggy Azalea before and after nose job plastic surgery

Don’t forget Uma Thurman as well, who got her fans wondering what happened to her face. According to celebrity cosmetic doctor, Dr. Esho, that’s too much “Botox”.

And what about Abi Clarke admitting she had her looks ruined when she opened up about botching her lips.

Uma Thurman Plastic Surgery Before and After

The list is endless, with others even taking it to reality TV shows, like botched on E television.

Well, I don’t know you think? Toby Mayer, a Hollywood surgeon confessed to everyone in Hollywood has done plastic surgery, do you agree with him?