Jodie Sweetin 2Being an American celebrity is not only about talent but also your physical presentation. Many Hollywood celebrities have decided to go under the surgeon’s knife to improve their looks and Jodie Sweetin aka Stephanie Tanner from “Full House” seems to have joined the bandwagon.

Apparently, the decision about Jodie Sweetin plastic surgery was on point because she looks more charming than before. After Full House spin-off, Fuller House, Jodie will join the cast of Season 22 ‘Dance with the stars‘ and she already becomes one of the favorites to win.

Can plastic surgery procedures help her to achieve that goal?

Jodie decision to stay and work on her looks has made her become a darling to millions of fans from all over the world.

Some of the possible surgical treatments Jodie went for to make appear stunning include the following:

Breast Augmentation

Jodie Sweetin plastic surgery before and after breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is among the most common surgical procedures that many Hollywood celebrities have been going to correct what they think are physical flaws.

Breast augmentation has left her with overall shaped and charming breasts. At the age of 32, Jodie looks younger than most of her age mates. When you compare her breasts before and after plastic surgery, you can clearly see that they look bigger and firmer than they were in her past pictures.

In our opinion, Jodie or Stephanie Tanner boob job turned up excellent.

Tummy Tuck

There have been rumors all over the internet that Sweetin went for tummy tucks to better her incredible figure.

Jodie has amazing curves that every man in the world would die for. Although Jodie has two children, she looks like some of the young teenage girls on the streets of New York. Jodie is a good example of a woman who has had her work done perfectly to attract her fans.

Despite getting criticism from celebrity enthusiasts and her haters, Jodie is among the most beautiful women not only in the Hollywood entertainment industry but also in the entire world.

Even if you took the whole day looking at her, it is not easy to tell whether she has met a surgeon before because she looks perfect.

Lip Injections

The appearance of a woman’s lips is very important. Jodie’s recent public appearances are the perfect example of a woman who is not afraid of showing off her wide and charming smile. The high ranking celebrity has always been known because of her enticing and ever bright smile.

However, it looks like she has got extra assistance from a well-trained surgeon. If you have plans of going for plastic surgery, ensure that you find out the person behind her looks.

With the increased popularity of lip injection, Jodie seems to have taken advantage of the same to boost her charm.

Botox and cheek implants

Jodie Sweetin before and after plastic surgery 2

There are also gossips that Jodie has undertaken Botox injections to make her more beautiful.

Comparing her recent pictures, her cheeks appear slightly filled up than her past photos. This appearance can only be achieved through Botox injections and cheek implants.

The process left her with smoother and flawless cheeks.

What does Jodie say about plastic surgery rumors?

It is not easy for Hollywood celebrities to admit that they went for plastic surgery. Jodie looks less concerned about what others are saying as far as her current appearance is concerned. The actress is satisfied and happy with her looks. Unlike many celebrities who deny allegations to do with visiting the surgeon for cosmetic procedures, she has admitted about going for breast implants.

She went to share more about her long-term addiction to drugs. The habit of using drugs had a negative impact on her looks but, now, there is no doubt that she looks amazing.

Jodie Sweetin before and after plastic surgery

In summary, the pressure that comes with being a Hollywood celebrity made Jodie consider the idea of plastic surgery.

The California base celebrity is likely to have gone, along with breast augmentation, for some other cosmetic procedures to better her looks. Jodie Sweetin plastic surgery served her to remain fresh, attractive and young and also helped her to repair her long drug-induced damages. Although many people have had different opinions about her recent appearances, Jodie is a talented, beautiful and hardworking celebrity who rarely disappoint.

In addition, she has come out to share with her fans about her addiction and plastic surgery rumors, something that very few Hollywood actors and actress can do.

Jodie Sweetin Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos