Ana Kasparian Plastic Surgery ControversyThe Ana Kasparian Nose Job has been an open secret for quite some time now. The 29-year-old producer is not the traditional Hollywood superstar but she has made a name for herself in her own right.

The Armenian American hosts an online TV show called Young Turks which touches on political and current affairs. Her talk shows on the online platform have been able to influence her audiences and that has elevated her to star status. She was born in Los Angeles to an Armenian mother and an American father.

Her heritage is mixed but she has completed her all studies in the United States. She has a Master’s degree in Political Science which gives her work credibility. She took Journalism earlier in her studies pointing to a well-rounded celebrity.

She is well accomplished having worked with big names such as AOL, YouTube, and Tidal TV. Her Young Turks are the show which has propelled her fame handling discourse in pop culture, politics and lifestyle.

Ana Kasparian Before and After Nose Job Surgery

Well, being a celebrity and Internet darling, what she does and how she does it can hardly be ignored. Her looks, fashion, mannerisms are bound to be under public scrutiny.

That is why her looks have been a subject of interest and more specifically, her nose job.

Rumors of Ana Kasparian Nose Job first surfaced back in 2014. She has never been shy of admitting that she had a nose job. Her rather quick admission of going under the knife controlled the speculation and nipped it at the bud. She admitted that she spent a fortune on the procedure. Those who observed her nose job had mixed reactions to her looks. But the general feeling was that she looked better after her rhinoplasty.

Observers in the media thought that her nose was too big and her nose job which made it narrower was the best for her.

Some were skeptical about the impact of her nose job.

Ana Kasparian Before and After Nose Job

Apart from her nose job, she has raised dust quite a few times with controversies. She has a spat with influential pastor David Manning a right-wing protestant fundamentalist.

She is an agnostic in her beliefs and saw the pastor’s comments towards her as personal. She retorted by calling him ignorant and sexist. Her political show, The Young Turks, has elicited sharp criticism.

She herself admitted that her own mother took issue with the show’s name, The Young Turks.’ The Turks and Armenians have a bitter history with the Turks being accused of carrying out genocide against the Armenians.

This has even disfavored her back home with her show being viewed as insensitive to the bloodletting committed against her own people by Turks.

Ana Kasparian Plastic Surgery Before and After

The Ana Kasparian Nose Job has just been a drop in the ocean in this well-accomplished media and political personality.

The views and status of her show as well as the controversies it has, has managed to keep news of her nose job on the low and also her open admission made the nose job less dramatic as it would have been.

Ana Kasparian Nose Job Before and After Photos