Dane Cook is a unique stand-up comedian and famous actor. Lately, there are sparking Dane Cook plastic surgery rumors because he has no wrinkles around the eyes and the forehead.

He looks very young though he is 46. At his age, most men start struggling with the old age signs and sagging skin around the face but not him.

Dane Cook seems to have Botox injections and fillers done to his forehead which is typically used to avoid forehead wrinkles. His eyebrows look much lower than before. He seems a lot younger and fresh.

Something that is so conspicuous about Dane is that his jawline shows a considerable difference. If we look at his before and after photos, it looks that he might have gone through a chin job.

If he had plastic surgery it was a great procedure and it seems that really work for him. He just looks natural and handsome. 

Dane Cook dismissed plastic surgery rumors, explaining that his ageless look is simply thanks to lots of water.