carol burnettCarol Burnett has had a successful career as a multitalented American comedian, actress, writer, and a singer. She is well known for her classy TV variety show which has been running in CBS as The Carol Burnett Show.

According to reliable sources, Carol Burnett plastic surgery claims could be something that will shock many of her fans. Even at her old age, the talented celeb believes the surgeon’s knife is the way to go. She is now 87 years old and many people are highly wondering what could have made her prefer this kind of life.

Could Burnett have gone for a plastic surgery procedure? Join us as we flip through gossip magazines, reviews, confessions, and analysis of her before and after pictures to unearth the naked truth.

Burnett looks more youthful in her recent photos; in fact, you may fail to recognize her if you are not keen enough.

Comparing her past photos, the talented TV personality looks younger than many ladies half her age. However, her secret is more than skin deep.

carol burnett plastic surgery before and after

Media speculations reveal that the granny could have gone for several plastic surgeries as a sure way to make her look younger and avoid embracing old age by all means.

Unlike a majority of celebrities who deny ever visiting the surgeon’s room, Burnett has been very positive to accept whenever asked and even stating what she looks forward in her next visit to the surgeon’s room. Her confessions reveal that she went for Botox implants as well as reduction procedures.

She insists that she always desired to have a fuller chin and she finally managed to implant her chin.

carol burnett after plastic surgery

She confesses to having gone for facelift surge as a sure way of removing wrinkles from her skin as well as her face. She is now happier that the process offered her great looks and she now looks tender and soft than before. Her eyebrows look softer and very shiny and rumor has it that she could have gone for surgeries on these areas.

The dark circles on her eyes are no longer there and she looks more appearing and sharp. The TV personality who has had a perfect life states that there is nothing wrong with women taking good care of their body as long as it is well-managed service from an expert.

Media speculations reveal that she could have also gone for a nose job, though she has been hard to accept this.

Looking at her nose, nothing really indicates a lot of changes, but the nose does not match that of an octogenarian.

carol burnett before and after plastic surgery

Carol Burnett plastic surgery comes at a time when many women are opting for the surgeon’s knife even at their tender age. Most of them are celebs and models in the runway.

Burnett could be excused for going for some surgeries because she has had her fun of life and now at her sunset years, she is free to do anything with her body.

What drives many celebrities to go for the surgeons’ knife?

It is our wish to know and try finding if the reasons are supported by any reasonable facts.

 Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos