Angelina Jolie is an American filmmaker, actress and humanitarian. She has received three Golden Globe awards, two Screen Actors Guild Awards and an Academy award. She has been cited as the highest paid actress in Hollywood. She made her debut in Hollywood in her childhood along her father, Jon Voight. Jolie has always been beautiful since her childhood. She is blessed with natural beauty. However, there are claims about Angelina Jolie Plastic Surgery. It is said that she has undergone some trivial procedures to improve her appearance.

When you observe Angelina’s photos through the years, it is evident that her appearance has slightly transformed. Some celebrity watchers have reported that she has undergone some procedures. They include the following.

Nose Job

The strong rumor about Jolie’s plastic surgery is that she has undergone a nose job to reshape her nose a little bit. Rumor has it that she had the procedure performed at the beginning of her modeling career. When you look at her before and after photos, it is obvious that the shape of her nose has slightly changed. Her nose was larger with a bulbous tip, but it now appears thinner, smaller and more pointed. This indicates that the nose job was done well. Her nose complements the other features of her face well. Even the line between her forehead and nose is straight similar to a perfect portrait.

Facial Treatment

At the age of 41, most people have some slight wrinkles on their foreheads. This cannot be said about Angelina Jolie. There are no wrinkles around her eyes and forehead. The skin of her face is also as tight as that of an 18 year old. This has led to speculations that she has undergone facial plastic surgery procedures to get rid of wrinkles from her face and make her skin appear tighter. It is most likely that she has used Botox injections to achieve this look.

Lip Reduction

In general, most Hollywood celebrities want larger lips, so they undergo plastic surgery to enlarge their lips. In this case, Angelina Jolie is the exception. If you look at her pictures when she was a teenager, you will find that that her lips appear larger than they appear now. Her lips appeared unfit for her face. She therefore underwent a lip reduction procedure to get perfect, more balanced lips. Now, she has beautiful lips that suit her face.

Breast Implants

Among all the speculations of cosmetic surgery, Jolie has only spoken about her breast implants. She has made the confession that she underwent a complete breast augmentation procedure to eliminate the risk of breast cancer. According to Jolie, the procedure was not meant to enhance the appearance of her breasts. Angelina’s mother passed on at the age of 59 due to ovarian cancer. Angelina does not want her kids to lose their mother at a young age. Therefore, she decided to put implants in her breasts to minimize the chances of suffering from breast cancer. Overall, it is safe to say that Angelina Jolie Plastic Surgery procedures have been highly successful.

Angelina Jolie Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos