Iggy AzaleaIggy Azalea, whose given name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly, is a 24 years old Australian female rapper, songwriter and model.

Having had a relatively tough early life, the rapper dropped out of high school and moved to America by herself at the tender age of 16. She rose to fame years later thanks to the controversy created online by her YouTube videos and went on to release her debut mixtape in 2011.

Although her debut album, The New Classic, was only released in 2014, she had made a name for herself as a rapper and model by then. She has since received a number of prestigious accolades including MTV as well as AMA and Billboard Music Awards and Grammy nominations.

Since she is not only a musician but also a model, it is not surprising to learn that Iggy Azalea spares no effort towards keeping her appearance in top shape, especially as the Australian beauty admits that her earlier modeling experiences took a toll on her body confidence.

However, unlike other celebrities her own age, Iggy Azalea plastic surgery rumors have been confirmed by the rapper herself, at least partially.

Iggy Azalea before and after boob job plastic surgery

It is no secret that Iggy Azalea has had a boob job in late 2014. In fact, after revealing her secret in a magazine interview in March 2015, the Australian musician has repeatedly talked about how much she loves her tastefully and discreet enhanced bosom.

However, as fresh as Iggy’s attitude might seem to some, others think the story of Iggy Azalea plastic surgery does not end there.

After a controversial appearance at the Billboard Music Awards, Iggy sparked a lot of chatter on social media, not only for her win but also for the birth of a new batch of Iggy Azalea plastic surgery rumors.

People on Twitter and gossip websites have been comparing pictures of the hitmaker a few months ago to those of the event’s red carpet and seem to have seen some possible plastic surgery before and after signs on her face.

Iggy Azalea before and after nose job plastic surgery

Most of these rumors suggest that Iggy may have had a butt implants and  complementary surgeries nose job and chin implants which are usually done in one sitting – performed by her plastic surgeon in recent months, which seem to have changed her facial structure dramatically, making her look ’like someone who is not Iggy Azalea’, according to fans and gossipers.

While saying that the Australian female rapper looks like someone else seems a little dramatic, it is true that her nose looks smaller and slimmer and that her jaw is squarer than it used to be.

Unfortunately for her, the public isn’t taking too kindly to the transformation, but that might still change as the shock passes and her face, which looked like she might have had the work done on recently, heals and starts looking somewhat more natural.

Iggy Azalea before and after alleged butt implants

Until now, Iggy Azalea hasn’t commented on the new surgery speculation, but it will be interesting to see if the beautiful Aussie musician owns up to these changes like she did her breasts, as it would certainly help restore her credibility among the public.