Melissa GilbertMelissa Ellen Gilbert was born on the 8th of May, 1964 in Los Angeles. She is an American actress, director, and producer. She has had 4 spouses and two children.

This article’s main purpose is to look into the facts revolving around Melissa Gilbert plastic surgery. This involves rumors, criticisms, Melissa’s responses to the rumors among any other related information. The 50-year-old celebrity has gained a lot of respect when it comes to the film industry. This is because of her amazing acting drive and talent.

A lot of celebrities tend to go into plastic surgery as a way of enhancing their popularity and image in social media. They aim at receiving a higher recognition by the public.

Melissa Gilbert is a celebrity who has gone under the knife to enhance her physical appearance.

People nowadays are not surprised when they hear a celebrity has performed plastic surgery. This is because most if not all have gone under the knife.

Some of the plastic surgeries linked to having been performed by Melissa Gilbert are discussed in this section. When one compares her before and after photos, it is evident to conclude that she has had Botox injections and neck lift.

Melissa is a 50-year-old lady but her appearance does not correspond to her age. She does not have wrinkles on her face. In contrary to that, her face is tight and smooth. Her neck does not show any signs of sagging or hanging skin. This automatically comes with old age but this is not noticeable when one looks at Melissa Gilbert. This is as a result of a neck lift.

Melissa Gilbert Plastic Surgery Before And After Breast Augmentation

Melissa Gilbert plastic surgery also includes breast augmentation. This is seen clearly when one compares her before and after photos. There is a difference in the size and shape of her breasts.

No matter how one can claim they exercise and eat well, that perfect breast appearance cannot be attributed to that. Other plastic procedures rumored to have been performed on Melissa Gilbert include cheek augmentation, nose job, and lip filler. Her nose bridge appears smaller and a pointier nose tip when you compare to her before pictures.

Hollywood is all about competition and trying to appear your best so as to fetch more market and recognition. This is one of the main reasons as to why celebrities perform surgeries to enhance and maintain their looks. Melissa Gilbert is getting old thus she had to compete with the young ladies coming into the Hollywood industry.

Some people say that Melissa Gilbert looked better before than after her surgeries. On the other hand, some of the critics say that she does not look that bad off.

And that her new looks are amazing. It all rests on how you as the public think of her new looks. In conclusion, Melissa Gilbert plastic surgery was a success. This is because she looks very attractive at her age. Her plastic surgery is so perfectly done that she appears natural.

Melissa Gilbert has not yet commented on the rumors about her plastic surgery. So what is going around is just a bunch of speculations which are due to a comparison between her before and after photos.

It can be concluded that Melissa Gilbert plastic surgery was managed effectively, carefully and efficiently. The celebrity did not overdo anything and her new looks are amazing.