Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery: A Necessary Move

Published on July 1, 2016 by

Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery ControversyDo you believe that Rose McGowan performed a cosmetic surgery? This is that question that bothers her whenever she goes. Everyone wants to know something about Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery. The celebrity was born in 1973. She appreciated the Italian cult like sect during her early life. However, her family moved to America in the 1980s.Rose McGowan had a rough young adulthood. She was accused of emancipation and drug abuse at the age of 15. Rose McGowan however had the Encino Man film as her debutant film appearance in 1992. This was her beginning of a blistering acting career. Rose McGowan has since then won celebrity roles and fame in various Television. One of the greatest appearance is in the Charmed show as well as movies such as Grind-house and Black Dahlia. Your celebrity star was also among main villains in the Conan the Barbarian remake. Read more…


Is Melanie Griffith Plastic Surgery a Success?

Published on June 29, 2016 by

Melanie Griffith Plastic Surgery ControversyMelanie Griffith is an American actress whose life with plastic surgery has left Hollywood fans asking lots of questions. She has appeared in a number of films including Working Girl and Something Wild, making a name for herself in Hollywood in the process. However, it seems she might have undergone even more plastic surgeries than the films in which she has appeared. Today, Melanie Griffith Plastic Surgery has been described as bad. This is a naturally beautiful actress who ruined her looks with cosmetic surgery. With information gathered from trusted sources, including top cosmetic surgeons, we take a look at some of the changes noticed on the actress’ appearance.  Read more…


Olivia Munn Plastic Surgery: Just Gossips?

Published on June 24, 2016 by

Olivia Munn Plastic Surgery ControversyThe social media can simply be defined as a shadow that follows celebrities on their daily routines. Olivia Munn Plastic Surgery is the latest celeb that has been trending as rumors and facts about her plastic surgery love continue to pour in. Celebrity rumor magazines are now curious because of her ever-changing face. The 35-year old American actress, Television personality, author and model has been doing well in a career that demands the media presence. She is well known for her star role in Beyond the Break series and many other shows. Could Olivia Munn have gone for the prestigious surgeon’s knife to accentuate her looks? We take this chance to offer you facts, rumors, public opinions, reviews and self-confession reports that will help you understand the sudden changes on her face. Read more…


Mischa Barton Plastic Surgery Disaster

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Mischa Barton Plastic Surgery ControversyMischa Barton is a highly talented British-American television, movie and theatre actress as well as occasional model who continue to make significant changes in her career. She started as a young talented teen in the Tony Kushner’s Slavs and later took a lead role James Lapine’s Twelve Screams. She has appeared in a number of films including Lawn Dogs, Notting Hill, The Sixth Sense and Pups. Rumors have been spreading like bush fire about her love for the surgeon’s knife. Mischa Barton Plastic Surgery allegations indicate that the 30-year-old celebrity could have so far undergone several procedures and this is evident in her current photos that show a lot of differences when compared to her before looks. Read more…


Lauren Bushnell Plastic Surgery: Just Lip Job?

Published on June 18, 2016 by

Lauren Bushnell Plastic Surgery ControversyPlastic surgery has become the order of the day for most celebrities. It is their go to when they want to fix something on their body which they believe is not so beautiful. Through plastic surgery, a lot of celebrities have managed to acquire very different appearances. For some, things do not turn out as expected and they end up looking worse than before but there are those who succeed in getting plastic surgery procedures since they end up looking better than their natural selves. Lauren Bushnell has not been left behind when it comes to seeking plastic surgery for beauty enhancement. Lauren Bushnell Plastic Surgery has gotten a lot of people’s attention. Read more…


Jennifer Aniston Nose Job: Not A Secret

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Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery ControversyBorn on 11 august 1969, Jennifer Aniston is an American producer, actress and businessperson. She is a daughter to John Aniston (Greek actor) and Nancy Dow (American actress). Aniston came into the limelight after portraying Rachel Green on Sitcom (1994-2004). Her role in this television premier made her win an Emmy Award during the Golden Globe Award as well as the Screen Actors Guild award. Despite her great achievements in the entertainment industry, many people including her fans and critics have showed great concern about her looks. Seemingly, the high ranking actress decided to go for plastic surgery to enhance her looks. This is not the first time we are hearing about plastic surgery rumors in the Hollywood entertainment. There are very many actors and actresses who have gone under the surgeon’s to correct flaws. Jennifer Aniston Nose Job surgery story has been doing rounds all over social media and other platforms. Looking at her photos before and after nose surgery, it is evident that Aniston did something. Read more…


Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery: Then and Now

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Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery ControversyGwen Stefani is a popular American singer, songwriter and fashion designer. She is also the founder and lead singer of the famous band known as “No Doubt”. The high ranking celebrity showed great interest in music at a very tender age. With such a portfolio, fans can understand why her looks are important. Apparently, Gwen opted to go under the surgeon’s knife in order to correct what she believes are flaws. There is dispute that her current charming looks could not be achieved through natural means. In her late 40’s, Gwen looks young, energetic and adorable. Very few women look that attractive at this age. This has made rumors about Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery to intensify all over the internet especially on social media platforms such as Facebook, instagram and twitter just to mention a few of them. Hate her or love her, Gwen looks beautiful. Here are some of the probable surgical procedures responsible for her new looks. Read more…


Charlotte Crosby Nose Job: A Transformation

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Charlotte Crosby Plastic Surgery ControversyIn today’s era there is a lot of attention that is given to people’s looks. Young girls want to look like runway models and cover girls in magazines and celebrities turn to plastic surgery to get their desired appearance. There are numerous celebrities who have had plastic surgery procedures to enhance their looks. For some, the procedures are a huge success and for others the procedures do not turn out great. Charlotte Crosby Nose Job is one of the most talked about plastic surgery. Is this the only plastic procedure you think she has had? Read more…


Ana Kasparian Nose Job: Before and After

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Ana Kasparian Plastic Surgery ControversyThe Ana Kasparian Nose Job has been an open secret for quite some time now. The 29 year old producer is not the traditional Hollywood superstar but she has made a name for herself in her own right. The Armenian American hosts an online TV show called Young Turks which touches on political and current affairs. Her talk shows on the online platform have been able to influence her audiences and that has elevated her to star status. She was born in Los Angeles to an Armenian mother and American father. Her heritage is mixed but she has completed her all studies in the United States. She has a Master’s degree in Political Science which gives her work credibility. She took Journalism earlier in her studies pointing to a well-rounded celebrity. She is well accomplished having worked with big names such as AOL, YouTube and Tidal TV. Her Young Turks is the show which has propelled her fame handling discourse in pop culture, politics and lifestyle. Read more…


Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery Addict – Just Like Her Mom

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Melissa RiversMelissa Rivers has been in the spotlight ever since her mother Joan Rivers passed on. However one particular reason is her ever changing face. Being an actress better known in Fashion Police and The Apprentice, Melissa has no doubt gone under the knife several times. Noted for saying she is “Fixing” previous mistakes, the late 40s beauty does not mind sharing Melissa Rivers plastic surgery secrets with the world. Read more…

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