It is high time you consider going for plastic surgery. Come to think of it, Cher has been a celebrity for decades. Many of her fans love her for the great performances she put up anytime she comes on stage and many more admirers for her adoring body shape and beauty. She knows this and will never toy with her look even after seventy decades on planet earth. Cher Plastic Surgery remains her secret beauty solution leaving everyone mouth-gapped seeing her in great shape at this year America’s Billboard Music Awards.

Cher Plastic Surgery, did she went overboard?

Well, just looking at the before and after pictures, the answer should be simple : Yes. Cher’s Certain body and facial features look simply different, regardles of time lapse. The rumors about Cher Plastic Surgery procedures go that far that even rib removal is mentioned in order to aquire smaller waist.

You think she is now feeble by reason of aging and rigorous regime of plastic surgery. That is not the case. In Cher words a few months ago: “I can do a five-minute plank.” And everyone knows how cripplingly difficult that kind of exercise routine could be. This goes to show that she is still energetic as ever. Her display at the occasion also lent credence to her statement.

Cher Plastic Surgery Procedure List

One good thing about this Oscar-winning star is that she is never shy admitting the good cosmetic and plastic surgery done to her look. In fact, she was so open to having admitted getting her nose, teeth, and boobs done. Also, rumor had it that she removed some of her ribs to achieve a narrow waistline. She even takes delight in calling herself the plastic surgery poster girl. Come on, this lady has got guts. She is simply irresistible.

Skin care experts could not resist making glowing comments about Cher plastic surgery  success at such advanced age. Many feel she must have been treating her skin with the likes of laser resurfacing, vampire facials and botox aside the normal plastic surgery. Anyone can see her lovely skin since she is fond of putting on see-through dresses on stages.

Talking about her ever sexy shape, some beauty professionals think her full lips’ pout and high cheeks could not have survived all these decades without fillers. Even breast-uplifts must have been employed as pointed out by some experts, considering the pointed shape of her breast despite being 71 already.

No one needs to be in doubt as to how Cher has been able to keep young and sexy these seven decades, she withholds nothing. According to her, plastic surgery did the job just as much as a clean-living lifestyle. Cher eats good food and never drink or smoke.