Demi Lovato is one of my favorite celebrities on our television screens today.She is a young, successful woman. Not only is she an actress but also a well known singer. Some of her best known acting works include; camp rock the movie, Princess Protection Programe as well as her role in Glee. She has won a lot of awards on account of these TV shows. In this article, we will talk about gossips and rumors about Demi Lovato Plastic Surgery.

Is the Demi Lovato Plastic Surgery a fact?

It is very difficult to find celebrities who haven’t had some sort of plastic surgery procedure on some part of their body nowadays. Demi Lovato Plastic Surgery is not an exception. Rumor has it that she has had various procedures to alter her appearance. She has denied these rumors even though there is evidence of it. Could the actress be telling the truth? A keen look at her recent pictures show significant changes in her features that cannot be attributed to natural ageing. Here are some of the suspected Demi Lovato Plastic Surgery procedures.

Demi Lovato Rhinoplasty

This has become a rather common procedure amongst Hollywood celebrities. Older pictures of Demi show her nose looking more rounded in shape whereas in her recent pictures it looks more pointed and narrow.

Breast Implants

Another common trend among celebrities. Most of them wants a bigger cup size. Rumors of this having been done on Demi are yet to be confirmed with certainty. However, she had been spotted in a bikini top that shows her boob size looking a bigger. Is this bigger cup size a part of natural growth or has she had a boob job? Personally I don’t think she has had it. It could be from natural weight gain. Most of her fans will agree with me.

Lip Filler injections

Pictures of Demi from a few years ago show her with much smaller lips. Many of her fans said she looked much better with the natural shape of her lips. However, I think they make her look even more sexier. According to a source who is close to Demi there are rumors of her wanting to have chin implants. Says that Demi wants to look more American. – Demi Lovato Talks Plastic Surgery

What do you think of Demi’s look before and after plastic surgeries? Personally, I think she looks amazing.