Most fans speculate that Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery is a fact. In the years following her big breakthrough in the modeling world, Cindy Crawford  had changes done to her gorgeous face. Everything about Crawford holds an iconic status. From her trademark above the lip mole, to the highly popular red dress she wore at the Oscars, the supermodel seems to take the center stage in whatever she does.

Crawford has ruled the modeling world for a long time, leaving behind an unmatched legacy. The supermodel has adorned magazine covers of many magazines, having been on the front page of more than 500 magazines. Crawford has walked runways for many top brands including Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana. The legendary model also tried her hand at acting with the 1995 film Fair Game but it was a flop at box office, and was widely criticized by film critics. Despite the lukewarm reaction for her acting skills, Cindy Crawford has been at the limelight of the modeling world. However, despite great genes and amazing diet, the model has turned to beauty procedures to maintain her gorgeous looks.

Has Cindy Crawford Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery rumors started by her own admission of usage Botox injections to keep wrinkles at bay. The 51 year old model still looks great as ever, but her once fresh face looks stretched out which is a result of using Botox. The model has herself admitted that apart from using creams, she has used cosmetic procedures to retain the youthful look. The model has used everything from using Botox, to collagen and vitamin injections prescribed by her cosmetic surgeon, over the years. Crawford first came across botox at the age of 29, and has since used it over the years.

The above picture shows a plastic smile which seems too stretched. Cindy has naturally high cheekbones but her cheeks look filled up. Her eyebrows look droopier than usual, which is again a side effect of using Botox on face. However, the model appears not to have used any botox around the eyes which carry a more natural look still.
Celebrities face increased pressure for their look especially as they age.

With increasing age the skin loses its elasticity, and celebrities turn to botox and collagen injections to retain skin youthfulness. Cindy Crawford is no exception. The ex-model has aged gracefully, but not without the use of botox and collagen to fight off wrinkles in her aging skin. – Cindy Crawford Is Refreshingly Open About Her Cosmetic Surgery

She may or may not have undergone plastic surgery in itself, but the model has used botox throughout the years admittedly so. What is your opinion on the Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery?