When it comes to the world of modelling, looks means everything. The nose, eyes, smile, face, breast, waist and butt have to be perfect as it is the illusion of perfection that sells products. It is for this reason that Playboy playmates top cover model 2015 Ana Cheri decided to turn to plastic surgery to get it just right.

Modelling career

Having been interested in modelling at an early age, Ana Cheri news of plastic surgery hit the news simply because she one of the top most recognized models to date. Believed to be a mix of Native American, Caucasian and Latina descent, she naturally has a look that makes one takes notice.

From grazing the covers of one magazine to another, Ana Cheri plastic surgery comes mainly from the pressure of being a shredz ambassador. To survive and remain relevant in the ever competitive modelling world perfect appearance is a must and it requires effort, effort that requires time. A luxury that one doesn’t have especially given the fact Ana is instantly on the go ever ready for the camera.

Having garnered attention in and out of the runway. People are constantly looking at Ana Cheri as the go to person for everyday fitness tips, posing and beauty tips and to have a run down catch up on her day to day life especially so the ever secretive husband she refers to. Fans of American top model have always swooned over how she can look that food especially in bikini photos. Hard work? well not entirely. As an Instagram model Ana Cheri breast size in comparison have grown from a b cup to a D cup and are much firmer, rounder And overall more attractive. Add this to her angelic facial features and you have a model who can draw a crowd.

Proof of Ana Cheri plastic surgery

Though she has neither refuted or confirmed to the rumors of Ana Cheri plastic surgery has basis on her Instagram account. With virtually thousands of followers the beauty slight change especially in the size of her breast bore the idea that she had boob job work done to look more attractive for the camera. From various comparison of before and after photos the angle, shape and firmness of her chest especially so in Photoshop free photos suggest that she indeed looks different and her overall take for still photos have changed. Add to the breast augmentation procedures rumors are also strife of her having undergo various butt injection to enhance her posterior. However as a health and fitness guru this could also be traced to a lot of gym sessions to enhance and firm her glutes.

Other works done

Other more farfetched speculation comes in the form of having work done on her face. With having the perfect nose to lip ratio, Ana Cheri is believed to have plastic surgery on her face to forever maintain the innocent yet alluring look that drives people crazy. Given the fact that she is winning contracts and her popularity is rising, one would agree that is she indeed has had nose job and lip implants procedures done; she is one of the few that can be labelled a success and her fans are loving it. What do you think about it?