Wendy WilliamsWendy Williams takes the lead when it comes to most famous radio personalities and TV personalities who have been in the media for a longer period of time and still have a name in the screens influencing many people and shaping their career.

She is a professional TV talk show host and DJ with experience and creativity. She is known by many of her fans as a career oriented woman who has a sense of humor mixed with no-nonsense attitude and brash when it comes to her job and career.

Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery Before And After

Wendy Williams plastic surgery news came as a shocker and a surprise in the celebrities rumor magazines as many of her fans still doubt why she had to change her natural good-looking sense of reality.

She now looks different than how she used to look sometime back. She may be old but you can notice some more revealing evidence by closer looks that she went for the expensive knife.

Wendy’s surgery came as a reality when she confessed about her surgical procedures. Her current full cup tells it perfectly she might have opted for breast augmentation to make her become more appealing, gorgeous and elegant.

Wendy Williams before and after pictures indicates a lot of great differences that even when you are not keen you may think that her current photo is her sister or someone closer to family. She once stated that she doesn’t love a full figure and that could be the main reason why she opted for a surgical procedure that will offer her the same kind of a look. Her current cup size is not proportionate to her body; she does not look hot and natural like she was before.

She went for an awful boob job that did not work perfectly and now she is not the beauty many used to adore even in her older age.

Rumor has it that Wendy did not only go for a boob job but only dared to try liposuction as a way of making her tummy become slimmer. She might have felt bad about her looks when she gained excess weight after the birth of her baby boy and was not tired with her small boobs. The TV personality started with a tattoo on her tummy as a way of covering some liposuction marks left by the knife. She has been trying several other cosmetic surgeries to regain her younger looks but all in vain.

Wendy surgery indicates that the procedures have not worked and she continues to acquire a not so good looking body. Public opinions about plastic surgery indicate that she also went for cheekbone implants and facelift. Looking at her recent photos indicates that her eyelid and nose have received some changes when compared with previous photos.

The fact is clear that she went for a nose job. We suspect that she might have gone for Botox injection too.

Wendy Williams plastic surgery indicates a lot of changes that many of her fans are still wondering why she chose to change her looks. She appears more wrinkle-free from the previous photos and this is a clear indication that Wendy’s botox injections worked well as compared to other surgeries in her body.

Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery Photos