Marlo ThomasMarlo Thomas is a producer, actress, and social activist. She is best known for her role in ‘That Girl’ as well as for being the daughter of a comedian. This is one of the celebrities who has undergone plastic surgery for a number of time. She is rumored to have had her first procedure before she started acting in ‘That Girl’.

The reasons behind her making the decision to have plastic surgery are unknown but one thing is for sure, the procedures were meant to enhance her look as is the case with every celebrity who chooses to get plastic surgery procedures.

Marlo Thomas has not made any comments about the plastic surgery procedures that she is rumored to have had. She is however rumored to have had her nose job just before her role in ‘That Girl’ and has since then had a facelift, Botox, facial fillers and brow lifts.

This is believed to be an attempt to remain youthful. This is because almost all the actresses in Hollywood have gone through this route with the intention of maintaining a youthful look as well as to meet all the expectations that people have of them as celebrities.

Marlo Thomas plastic surgery reviews are numerous. There are reviews written by different people who have different opinions on whether or not Marlo had the procedures she is rumored to have had.

Most people agree that she has had the procedures. This is because she looks too young for her age and her face seems to be tighter than it normally was. Some of the procedures that the reviews claim Marlo Thomas has had are a facelift, Botox, Face fillers and eyebrow lift.

This is not only because it is apparent in her before and after photos but also because most celebrities of her age get the same plastic surgery procedures in order to look younger.

Marlo Thomas Before And After Plastic Surgery Eyebrow Lift

The media has not kept their hands of these rumors either. They have written their own takes on the story and many of them have supported their arguments by using some photos of Marlo from the past and photos that were recently taken.

In the photos, the media clearly shows the difference in her appearance throughout the years. A quick look at the photos clearly shows that the rumors are indeed true. Marlo Thomas without a doubt turned to plastic surgery with the hope of maintaining her good looks and fixing those she did not believe to be beautiful.

There have been different reactions on Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery rumors. A lot of fans support her and believe that if she has the money she should use it to maintain good looks. There are however some who do not believe that it was necessary for her to get the procedures done.

However, what most people tend to agree on is the fact that Marlo Thomas’ procedures turned out great and have managed to make her look younger than she really is. This is something a lot of celebrities have not been able to achieve since most celebrity plastic surgery procedures tend to go wrong.