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The Secrets of Carole Radziwill Plastic Surgery

carole radziwill psCarole Radziwill is among of the most popular American journalists, author as well as reality Television personality. Carole has won a number of awards including the Emmys among others. In the year, 2011 Carole starred in the Television show “The real housewives of New York City”. It was at this time that the rumor about Carole Radziwill plastic surgery began going round media houses and social media platforms such as facebook, twitter and instagram among others. With plastic surgery being very common among most celebrities especially within the entertainment industry, it is not strange to hear this about Carole Radziwill plastic surgery. Just like the other superstars that have faced such allegations at one point in life, Carole has denied the whole story the rumors. In fact, the journalist has not been too quick to term it as hatred from people who are after her downfall.

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