Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery ControversyAmerican songwriting legend Steven Tyler is quite an unusual man indeed, don’t you think? He is one celebrity with an unusual taste as far as plastic surgery is concerned.

Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery is one that has left many people wondering where this cosmetic procedure is leading celebrities too. Some celebrities can deny their plastic surgery allegations and get away with it considering some aren’t so clear, but Tyler’s looks can’t hide plastic surgery very easily.

It is the kind of a cosmetic surgery case that has left everyone talking and looking for answers. Even Steven himself hasn’t denied the allegations completely.

His case is a perfect example of what surgery can really do to you if you aren’t among the lucky few who comes out of it satisfied with the results. 

Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery Before and After


Steven Tyler has admitted previously that his appearance has been enhanced with cosmetic surgery procedures. Steve looks very different now from the past. His nose has changed completely, and many top plastic surgeons in New York confirms that the nose is surgically done, to make it thinner like it is now.

There is a huge possibility that the Rock Music star changed his nose once or twice to make it look more pointed and perfectly finished at the tip.

Steven Tyler Before and After Surgery Transformation

Facial Fillers and Botox

These two procedures form the most significant portion of Steven Tyler cosmetic surgery rumors.

It is amazing that at 67, Steve still doesn’t have wrinkles on his face. Don’t you think there must be something to his youthful looks? Hollywood stars don’t get old anymore.

Why would they when Botox and Facial fillers are both trending among them. His forehead is smoother than that of a natural 50-year-old with the best genes.

Cosmetic surgery experts suggest he must have used Perlane or Radiesse injected in his cheeks to smooth out a hollow that used to be under his eyes. The experts continue to say that Botox must have been used to eliminate wrinkles. His fans can’t take no for an answer when it comes to whether he has used Botox and facial fillers to modify his face on not.

Steve look completely changed in his most recently taken photos compared to what he looked like in the past.

Steven Tyler Before and After Cosmetic Surgery

When you compare Steven Tyler’s looks in past and current photos, the difference is clear. He uses to have more volume around his mouth, but that is lost now too. Some say something must have been done to reduce flesh around his lips.

Though he did not deny the allegations, he didn’t mention the parts of his face that are affected.

Since not many people refute these claims, the area that most people disagree the most on is whether his surgeries have made him look better or if it’s made him look awful. Many people think his case is surgery gone wrong, a belief that some of his fans argue against, and bitterly. People who support his new looks think Steve Tyler Plastic Surgery is a huge success and looks perfect for his career.

Considering that most of his fans are actually Rock Music fans, it is easy to understand why they love his new looks so much.

Do you agree with these Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery allegations?

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Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos