Coco Austin Plastic Surgery ControversyCoco Austin is one of the most beautiful celebrities the world has ever had. Born in 1979 as Nicole Marrow, she has appeared in movies like the Dirty Monk and Desert Rose among several others.

There have been plastic surgery rumors surrounding her exquisite beauty. She too has been alleged to have resorted to plastic surgery to keep her beauty in check.

Whether it is true that she had plastic surgery or not, she is known to be a stunningly beautiful woman all the same. Being the beauty star well known for body modeling and swim suites advertisements, Coco Austin Plastic Surgery rumors might just be true like we’ve always suspected.

What are some of the plastic surgery procedures she might have received to end up as sexy and attractive as she is today?

Breast Implants

Also known as Coco-T, this actress is said to have gone under the knife to enhance her boobs.

Top surgeons admit that with so many changes noticeable on her breast, a breast implant is the most likely plastic surgery used to keep her boobs full and sexy as they look right now. Her husband, Ice-T, loves big boobs and is rumored to have influenced her on getting a larger and more attractive breast.

We all remember her natural boobs, and they didn’t look anything like what she has now. She boasts some of the best boobs in Hollywood, no doubt.

She must have paid handsomely for her new boobs, and for such a good plastic surgeon, told by the amazing result achieved.

Coco Austin Cosmetic Procedure Before and After

Butt Implants

Coco Austin’s butt is as famous as the actress herself. Her behind is one of the best among Hollywood celebrities and is ranked with those of the great Kim Kardashian and the legendary J-Lo, though these two are in a superior league as far as big butts are concerned.

If you compare Coco-T’s before and after photos, the truth clearly shows itself. She has modified her behind with plastic surgery, and butt implant is the most likely procedure.

Her fans have admitted to loving her new looks all the way, with many young men helplessly admiring the sexy bums behind their computer screens, but that’s just it.

The fullness seems a little exaggerated and an alternative fat graft or Brazilian Butt Lift must have been performed on her by one talented plastic surgeon out there. What do you think of her new butt?

Coco Austin Before and After Cosmetic Surgery

Botox and Facelift

Though the actress is still young, and wrinkles and aging signs might not be expected, a few changes have been noticed on her face.

Her face is clearly smoothed out and is somehow lifted. Before and after photos reveal that she used Botox injection and Facelift procedure to transform her appearance.

Her face has been modified by these two procedures to give her the sexiness and extra beauty she needs to keep her husband and fans satisfied and begging for more.

Coco Austin Plastic Surgery Before and After

Coco Austin Plastic Surgery rumors never cease, and her fans love every bit of her super beauty.

The actress is not clear whether she denies some rumors or whether she admits to making some changes, but she hasn’t totally denied that she has gone under the knife.

Would you love to see her undergo any more transformation?

Coco Austin Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos