Alicia Keys Plastic Surgery ControversyAlicia Augello Cook popularly known as Alicia Keys is one of the finest celebrities around. Everything that she is involved in seems to deliver mega results and this has put her into the limelight where all the matters pertaining to her life are under the public scrutiny.

Alicia Keys is multitalented and apart from just being a singer which many people know her for, she is also a songwriter, record producer, and an actress.

One feature that compliments Alicia’s celebrity status is her stunningly hot looks and the good thing is that she has managed to maintain this for many years.

That’s why Alicia Keys Nose Job became so popular topic.

Alicia Keys Nose Job Before and After

Being a celebrity comes with its own pressures and one of them is that you have to look good both in front of the cameras and in any other situation where you will be exposed to the public.

To manage this, most of the celebs opt to go under the knife so as to enhance their looks. Alicia Keys has not been spared by the rumors linking her to plastic surgery. The reason for these rumors about Alicia comes from physical changes in her face years before and now.

When you take a closer look on her face, you will easily notice a number of changes.

Alicia Keys Nose Job

Alicia Keys Nose Job is one of the most popular topics under discussion when issues linking her to plastic surgery arise. It is not a secret that her nose looks very different, evidence of rhinoplasty procedure.

Rhinoplasty is performed on the nose so as to change its shape depending on what the person wants.

Alicia Keys Plastic Surgery Before and After

Sometimes back, Alicia’s nose was a bit wide and had a round tip. Going by her recent photos, her nose looks totally different.

It appears to be well defined than the way it was before. Its sides are narrower and the tip is not round as it was sometimes back. Her nasal bridge is also narrower as compared to the way it was.

All these changes on her nose lead to one thing, nose job. Alicia Keys nose job was done with total perfection that it appears natural. You would actually need a third eye to discover that there are some changes.

Alicia Keys Before and After Cosmetic Surgery

Alicia Keys Facelift

Alicia Keys has that face that if given a chance, you will never get tired of staring at. Her face-skin always looks tight and well taken care of. It is always fresh, smooth and shiny.

This may be because of her younger age but when compared to other women who are of most of the same age as hers, questions are bound to be raised. On looking at her face, you won’t notice any signs of aging signs of aging such as wrinkles or having saggy skin.

When you take a closer look at her photos before you can see some wrinkles meaning that she went under the knife to conceal signs of aging.

Most of the celebrities who have been linked to plastic surgery never admit it and Alicia Keys Nose Job seems to be one of them. She has opted to stay mum on the issue but this does not stop people from discussing it.

Alicia Keys Nose Job Before and After Photos