Angelababy plastic surgeryAngela Yeung Wing, famously known as Angelababy, a 25-year-old model has both charm and both inner and outer beauty. Since the launch of her career at the age of 14, she has been leading the Hong Kong modeling scene and the world at large.

Just looking at her pictures before and current ones you will definitely notice a huge difference. Her face was beautiful before, but currently it is stunning and some even term it as too good to be true. Many claims have arisen that she had successful plastic surgery but the hot model denies them all and says she is just her natural self.

Anyone would, however, term these claims as untrue when you look at her before and after photographs. The change is just too radical to be natural it must have been artificially induced by a plastic surgeon. This is what at least most people agree on.

The rumors about Angelababy’s plastic surgery have been so much that she has tried several ways to discredit them. Once in an interview, she even produced old photos of her parents to show that her good looks are genetically acquired.

She had to contact all leading surgeons just to confirm that none of them had performed any surgery on her.

At an interview, Huang Xiaoming her long-term boyfriend and actor joked about the plastic surgery question claiming that Angelababy looks like the said pre-plastic surgery her with no makeup on. He, however, clarified that he loves her in all aspects…

Angelababy before and after jaw surgery

Even with Yeung denying all the plastic surgery rumors, it is clear to all that the young lady has changed quite considerably since she began her career.

Her nose, jawline, chin, eyes, and lips seem to have changed completely and for the better. It is speculated that she underwent different stages of plastic surgery to achieve her current look.

Some procedures speculated to have been performed on her include double eyelid surgery to widen eyes, botox to give her a fuller face, jaw surgery to reduce jaw protrusion and slim her face, rhinoplasty to make her nose bridge longer, lip and cheek implants for fuller lips and cheeks among many other changes.

Angelababy nose job plastic surgery before and after

The media has tried many times to get Angela to spill the beans but to no avail. Though most reviews on her plastic surgery claim to have had their information from reliable sources confirming that she indeed has had a series of plastic surgeries to correct her face, the lady denies it all.

This really angers her fans and the whole media fraternity. The question is why is it that she cannot just acknowledge that some changes have been made on her face to make her as gorgeous as she is.

Everybody agrees that she is beautiful (some regard her as a goddess even) but why the lies?

Angelababy Sexy

She has publicly cried over the issue when questioned about it in the past and that just adds more melodrama to her controversially acquired looks. So, what next for Angelababy?

Will she have another surgery and deny it or will she agree to it all in the long run or is she fine the way she is now? Let us just wait and see.