McKayla Maroney vehement rejection of cosmetic enhancements has fired the internet than never before. This beauty is non-other than the sensational 2012 summer Olympic gold medalist. She catapulted to fame after fighting out for the coveted medal with the famous fierce five. Besides her gymnastic success, albeit at a very young age of sixteen years, the simmering and exquisite beauty has interests in music. McKayla has already recorded several demos. More also, she is a typical social media queen. She has kept several mouths agape with her exotic body. It is not only her Olympic success, however, which has maintained her at the high echelons of social media troll. There was also a list of a trail of McKayla Maroney Plastic Surgery rumors.

Possible McKayla Maroney Plastic Surgery Procedures

The social media was abuzz with speculations of a possible boob job when the gymnastic star returned after a month silence and posted a snapshot on IG. Fans were quick to point out that the gold medalist had a larger bustier line than before. Which, of course, points certainly to a very elegant boob job. The star had retired from the media as a result of an accident that she had gotten involved in, which also ended her gymnastics career.

The boob job speculations were mostly fueled by fans of her Olympic opponents fierce five. Whether the tales are true or not, the star new apple like boobs that showed an ample cleavage clearly led to the series of implications.

Comments and Allegations

While the haters were more fired than the love she attracted, what remains to be noted is the series of implying comments that some of these fans flooded into her comment section. The followers seemed to insinuate that the car accident that the star had reportedly been involved in was simply a pretext to undergo the knife.
McKayla Maroney plastic surgery rumors are however not new in the celebrity circles. During the summer Olympics, which the star emerged triumphantly; her frowning unimpressed face hit the headlines and was circulated in a blazing way.

The star new face suggested a possible lip enhancement. There was a vivid difference between her earlier photos and recent snapshots. That led to speculation that the star had received lips injections. In addition to the fuller lips, that hit the headlines as a result of a seemingly laddish Instagram photo, the Olympic gymnast and internet sensation, appeared to also have procured a face job. The new harder face, according to fans and leading cosmetologists points out to the possibility of a face filling surgery.

Silence and Denial

McKayla Maroney has however vehemently denied the plastic surgery rumors. While talking to seventeen magazines, in an exclusive interview the Olympic star stated that the news about her having undergone the knife was both hurtful and a series of the internet lies. She attributed her change in appearance to several factors.

She posited first, that this change is a result of the normal aging process. It is probably only because the internet sensation rocked social media at an early age of sixteen. Any possible change, emanating from aging and adding more flesh may be falsely attributed to cosmetic surgery. In addition, the star pointed out that she was testing new makeups and different cosmetic kinds of stuff. She also attributed her filled face to the normal filling process noticeable in women as they age.

Despite the rebuttal of the rumors from her and her close aides, the internet trolls have become even more fired. Leading cosmetologists suggests that the proportionate increase in her bustier line over a little span of time has nothing to do with aging. They have argued vehemently that the Olympic star has undergone a series of cosmetic enhancements.

The Conclusion

While the denial is similar in intensity and comparable with the reaction from other celebrities rumors, fans and friends have gone to the defense of the exquisite beauty. In addition, the fans have not shied away to point out that the sensational Olympian turned musician, has not only grown into a full beauty but rather a unique and exotic away. An incredible twist to the McKayla Maroney plastic surgery rumors is the fact that the new appearance. Those rumors are helping McKayla more to her new music career. She has consistently claimed that she has been fond of music since a young age of eight years. Well, let the girl be!