Preity Zinta after plastic surgeryPreity Zinta is a famous Indian actress, who is arguably considered to be among the prettiest Indian actresses. Born in the year 1975, Preity Zinta has over the years built a solid career in the film industry having starred in many Bollywood movies that ended up being hits such as “The Hero”, “Love story of a spy” and many other wonderful Hindi movies.

However, just like it is has become a norm for Hollywood celebrities, Preity Zinta plastic surgery allegations are doing rounds on the internet as well as some magazines.

Recently, the rumors about Zinta’s looks have spurred heated debates over the kind of cosmetic surgery she might have undergone to make herself look that young in an age that looking younger is rare.

The rumors mongers have taken initiative and gone a step further to listing some of the possible cosmetic procedures she might have undergone. The list created claims that she has had liposuction, Botox injections, nose job, facelift, lip implants, and breast implants. Of course, the fact that there is no proof to back up these allegations makes them just that, allegations.

However, some magazines and websites have taken it upon themselves to get to the bottom of this and find if there is any truth to these rumors. They took Preity Zinta’s before and after photos and made a comparison and spotted the differences that showed.

Using these pictures, the sites and magazines found what may be referred to as evidence that the actress has indeed had plastic surgery. Evidence that she might have had a boob job as her pictures back in the day is pretty different from how she looks currently.

Preity Zinta before and after plastic surgery

Taking a closer look at her recent photos, you will notice that her eyes seem to have been widened in a bid to give her a more westernized look. Back in the day, the Indian actress’s face was round but off late this shape seems to be altered to what now looks to be more of an oval shape.

And thanks to her cheek implants, her facial features are more defined than they were. Her lips are not an exception as they are altered, signs that she must have had lip implants.

Preity Zinta nose job before and after

However, Preity Zinta Plastic surgery allegations are not a thing to be shocked about as most celebrities have the media on their necks trying to catch the slightest change in any body part.

However, Zinta has not responded to any of the allegations concerning her sudden change in appearance. Of course, there is the chance that all the change in her facial shape may be due to the loss of baby fat that occurs while growing up. This could explain her facial structure change but the widened eyes shout plastic surgery.

Considering all the factors, there is some chance that these rumors could be true. However, they cannot be taken to be the true standing up until the actress denies or confirms the claims. But judging by her gorgeous new look, it would be right to assume that Preity Zinta Plastic Surgery was successful and indeed enhanced her beauty.