Is a plastic surgery procedures a bad idea or a great way to change your features? Well, we all get to judge for ourselves, by looking at before and after pics of celebs that have gone under the knife. It’s true that many celebrities have done some alterations. Many celebs, actors and musicians have not always been super open about their cosmetic ventures; this just leaves us to wonder whether they have ever gone under the knife. Arci Munoz Plastic Surgery is one of them.

Arci Munoz Plastic Surgery and Rumors about it

The singer has definitely caused a stir within the industry due to rumors that she made changes to her nose and lips. She is a Philipino actress by day and a rock star singer by night. Arci is the lead vocalist of the Philipino rock band Philia. Her debut in the showbiz was in 2005 in the reality show StarStruck. After StarStruck, she appeared in various television shows in TV5 and GMA. Her career progressed when she represented the Philippines in the Asia Supermodel Competition. In 2014 Arci joined the ABS-CBN and cast in Pasion de Amor as one of the cast.

Light controversies were surrounding Arci’s transformations following claims that her nose looked different. She went viral after fans posted photos of her which showed noticeable changes on her face especially on her nose and various parts of her lips. Obvious enough, the online community kept gushing about that issue. People did not hide their disappointments by stating that she looked beautiful before.

Were the procedures a success?

Allegations that made rounds within online platforms stated that although she had possibly done alterations to her facial features, people did not like the results.After the social media stir, the Arci broke her silence in her interview where she stated that she was delighted and it’s more than the physical appearance but what was on the inside. She neither confirmed the allegations nor denied.

From up close one can pretty much see a keloid lining of the nose. Reports backing the speculations state that she underwent another surgery due to keloids. This was from headbanging after she hit a microphone while performing with her metal headband Philia.

It is evident that after you land in the star spotlight, you get to access the best plastic surgeon. However, we get to identify thinned out noses and tweaked out features. If you turn a critical eye to their features, you can recognize that they look different than they used to be. Is Arci Munoz Plastic Surgery worth it?