Born Zachary David Alexander “Zac” Efron is a singer and an actor. Zac started his career as an actor back in the early 2000’s. His part in the High School Musical franchise  made him a heartthrob among girls. He also starred in the Hairspray musical, and 17 Again during that time. He has played a part in New Year’s Eve, The Lucky One, Neighbours, and Dirty Grandpa. Zac Efron in 2008 was on the Forbes celebrity 100 at number 92 for earning an estimated $5.8 million. As late as 2015, his worth was about $18 million. All these happened before the big question about whether Zac Efron Plastic Surgery is true or not.

How The Plastic Surgery Story Started?

According to People’s magazine back in 2007, Zac was involved with Vanessa Hudgens who initially started dating back in 2005. This was during the filming of High School Musical. According to Us magazine, the two broke up in 2010. Efron started dating Sami Miro who is an entrepreneur and a model. The couple later broke up in April 2016. Zac was for alcoholism and substance abuse back in 2013.

The question on people minds is whether Zac really had some work done on him? Rumors have been circulating that Zac Efron might have had rhinoplasty done. This is due to the fact that his nose looks sculpted and distinctively crooked. Zac on his part has never gone public on whether any nose job or any plastic surgery procedure has ever taken place.

Rumors abound that the process did happen after the filming of High Musical 2 but no before the production of Disney series. Photos abound after the procedure shows his nose been a tad narrower and a little prominent. You wonder why the procedure in the first place considering he was just fine the way he was. The difference might not be that prominent but some slight difference can be seen.

The Results And Opinions About Zac Efron Plastic Surgery

In a recent interview, famous cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Sherrel J.Aston, totally say yes to the rumors. He categorically agrees that Zac Efron seems to have had a nose job done on him. He further added that Zac tip cartilage seems smaller while giving the opinion that some nasal bones have been contracted.

Mark Norfolk, Transform Clinical Director further alludes t the fact that Zac might be using Botox treatment. This due to the fact that Efron’s face looks plastic and shiny. He states that earlier photos of Zac show faint static lines in his forehead. Recent photos no faint line thus alluding to the fact that it’s true he might be using botox treatment.

Many fans ask him, “why did you do it?” They go ahead to tell him he was just cute before. Although the rumors persist, there is no arguing against him getting that nose job done. Many fans are just happy that although he did rhinoplasty, he approached the plastic surgery casually. He at least didn’t go the full throttle some famous actors have been known to take. As far as Zac Efron Plastic Surgery goes, he still remains the natural looking and handsome guy that girls fell over with.