One of the hottest stars in show business today is Blake Lively. She is well known for the the roles that she has played in memorable movies such as The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants released in 2005 and Gossip Girl released in 2007. Moreover, she starred in a show known a Live! with Kelly released in 1988. Blake has been acting ever since she was a teenager. This is due to her family background. Her mom Elaine Lively is a talent manager and her father Ernie Lively is an actor. Blake is well known for her stunning looks. As a matter of fact, she was ranked as number 4 on the Hot 100 women list by Maxim Magazine in 2010. Moreover, she was ranked the most desirable woman in the world by Ask Men in 2011. She has had a lively career and some plastic surgery done too. Read on to learn more about the Blake Lively Nose Job.

Nose Job Plastic Surgery

Today, Blake Lively’s nose looks different from what it looked like when she began her career in acting. The nose bone is sharper and slimmer than before. This is evidence that she underwent a rhinoplasty or nose job. Before her rhinoplasty, Blake had a chubby, round nose. It can be described as a Mongolian Type of nose. This is because it was chunky and wide at the tip. This is a look that she didn’t want. Her nose job resulted in a slimmer, more contoured face and improved her overall appearance. In addition to that, a closer look reveals that Blake underwent much more than just a nose job so as to look amazing.

Breast Augmentation

There is word around Hollywood that Blake Lively also underwent a breast augmentation. This is the enlargement or reduction of the breasts. Many female celebrities nomally undergo this process so as improve their appearance on and off the camera. Blake chose to perform a boob job where she increased her breast cup by one size. This resulted in curvier breasts that complement her figure perfectly. They are not too big for her body. In this way, she preserved a sexy silhouette.

Brow Lift

Another procedure that she underwent is a browlift. Initially, she had a wide gap between her eyebrows. So she got a browlift so as to bring them a little closer together to complement her nose job.

Butt Implants

In search of the perfect figure, Blake Lively also got a butt implant. This is where she had some silicone gel implants surgically inserted in her butt. This results in a rounder, fuller butt and curvy hips. This sort of figure is widely regarded as beautiful by people of all races.

In conclusion, Blake Lively is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. She has undergone four types of plastic surgery procedures. These are a boob job, a brow lift, butt implants, and the most noticeable Blake Lively Nose Job. Her surgeries have been successful and left her much more beautiful than before. She made the right moves and looks stunning as a result.

Blake Lively Nose Job Before and After Photos