Geena Davis is a popular actress. She has starred in different movies including “A League of Their Own,” “Beetlejuice,” and “Stuart little” among others. Despite her successful career, Geena has continued to receive criticisms over different aspects including plastic surgery. Geena Davis Plastic Surgery is no longer a rumor but a fact since she has admitted having gone under the surgeon knife to improve her looks. Davis is not the only celebrity who has sought plastic surgery procedures to improve her looks. One of the things that make her different from other celebrities who keep going for surgical treatment is that she has owned up for the same. The speculation of the surgical procedures that Geena is likely to have sought as we are going to see below is based on her looks in the photos before and after surgery.


At her age we expect Geena to have different signs of aging such as lines, wrinkles or any other spots. However, this has not been the case with her. Instead, Geena has a smooth face like most of the teenage girls on the streets of London. Although beauty can be genetic, her lifeless face speaks a lot. Her forehead is free of lines like we would expect from her. Even if you took the whole day looking at her, it is not easy to notice that she is getting old. This can only take place when one decides to seek for help from a surgeon and not just a surgeon but a qualified one. In simple terms, the surgeon who undertook the operation must be one of the best in the country considering the results.


When you compare her jawline before and after surgery, you will have enough reasons to support the idea that she went for plastic surgery. In most cases, you would expect to see one becomes older because of the loss in the skin tone. In addition, it is common to see fat deposits that end up sagging. Drooping eyes as well as cheeks are other signs that one is getting older. One of the ways to regulate this is through facelift. Apparently, Geena has been going for facelift not just once but several to keep her charming looks despite old age trying to catch up with her.

Lip Augmentation

When you age, the lips are supposed to grow thinner as well as lose the lush fullness they had when you were young. We expect the same thing to happen to Geena. Instead of her lips losing the charming look, they are more plump and full than before. There is no way you can convince one that this are her natural lips. The full lips Geena has are only seen among young teenage girls.


Studies show that an average person gains around ten pounds per decade during his or her lifetime. Liposuction left Geena looking slimmer than she used to be in the past. The celebrity now has all the expected curves located at their right places. In conclusion, Geena is naturally a beautiful woman. However, the point of Geena Davis Plastic Surgery is to look better. It is speculated that she underwent different surgical procedures including lip augmentation, liposuction and Botox to look younger.

Geena Davis Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos