By2By2 is the stage name for a Taiwan-based Singaporean pop music duo made up of twin sisters Miko Bai and Yumi Bai, both 23 years old.

They released their first record back in 2008, still in their teenage years, and they have since become hugely successful in China, especially with their 2010 album “Grown Up”, the third in their catalog, which reportedly shifted a third of all record sales in China for that year.

Their latest album, “Cat and Mouse”, was released in 2015. Given the incredible pressure put on Asian women and girls, especially pop stars, to look a certain way, and the fact that extreme plastic surgery is quite popular in the Asia-Pacific region, it isn’t hard to believe there is some truth to By2 plastic surgery accusations.

However, and even though their look has changed significantly during their career, the twins seem adamant on denying such rumors.

It is hard not to notice that both Yumi and Miko look extremely different at 23 than they did when they debuted at 16 years of age. Their hair is longer, darker and they wear much more makeup than they used to.

However, that is not all there is to the girls’ new, sexier and edgier look, which is why by2 plastic surgery accusations are quite frequent.

By2 before and after plastic surgery

The first thing you may notice when you look at alleged by2 plastic surgery before and after pictures is that their face shape is different. While they were never exactly chubby or round-faced, the girls now have more of a heart-shaped face with a pointed chin, which is the preferred shape for Asian, particularly Korean women.

This face is so sought after, in fact, that Korean women are known for going through extreme plastic surgery to get it. While that isn’t exactly the case with by2, it is obvious they did alter their face shape through cosmetic procedures, namely v-line surgery.

The girls’ noses are also much sharper and slimmer, almost to an unnatural point, which indicates By2 nose jobs definitely took place sometime. This is one of the easiest changes to point out in Miko and Yumi’s look because it looks so foreign.

It is hard to understand why they did it, seeing as they had naturally cute noses.

By2 before and after

Another big change is in their eyes, which are now bigger and wider than they were original, suggesting the By2 twins had double eyelid surgery.

Again, this is a popular kind of surgery in Korea, and it’s done to achieve large, innocent-looking eyes, almost reminiscent of Japanese Anime characters.

Finally, some also say the girls had work done on their lips. They do seem to look fuller in some pictures than others, but the girls had nice lips, to begin with. Also, in the grand scheme of all the By2 plastic surgery, this would have looked quite discreet.

Funnily enough, no one seems to notice any significant changes in the girls’ bodies, suggesting they only had procedures on their faces.


By2 have refused to comment on or denied plastic surgery rumors over the years, crediting the change in their look to makeup, styling or even picture editing tools and such.

However, with their sharp and enlarged features, the girls look so unnatural that it seems quite feeble for them to deny any By2 plastic surgery stories.