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Selena Gomez nose jobGone are the days when plastic surgery was considered to be the option only when one had met with an accident that resulted in severe damage to the face.

Over the past decade, very rapid medical advancements coupled with the hype created by media over the perfect looks have created a frenzy among people to get the most perfect looks.

People go under the knife in this nose that a little reduction here or there or a little enhancement can bring miracles for them.

The nose job plastic surgeries, botox injections, butt implants, breast augmentation, and liposuction; all are some of the most popular cosmetic surgeries procedures to achieve celebrity like or magazine cover looks.

Rumors of Selena Gomez nose job plastic surgery came out recently

The recent rumors about Selena Gomez has done a nose job surgery have been making rounds for quite some time and it isn’t something unexpected.

Many celebrities around the world have done one or more cosmetic procedures to get the perfect look. While the trend is at an alarmingly high rate among the female celebrities, the male celebrities in no way have been on the back step. Thousands of people all over the world go through rhinoplasty every year to get a perfect beautiful nose.

Most of the time, the surgical procedure has to be repeated twice or thrice to get the perfect look and it is indeed considered surprising if get the best results in first sitting

Selena Gomez nose job before and after

The cute baby-faced 23 years old Selena too decided to go for the most opted surgery procedure before her birthday.

The most surprising thing is that females all over the world opt for this procedure if they want to cut off few years from their real age but evidently Selena wanted to add up a few more years to shed her baby face reputation.

Whatever the original desire may be, the result is startling and noticeable.

If compared with her 2011 photographs, there is a distinct difference in the setting of her nose and the beautiful slight uplift that wasn’t much noticeable before the surgical procedure.

Selena Gomez boob job before and after

Though allegedly Selena Gomez has done other cosmetic surgeries too such as breast augmentation and lip injections, rhinoplasty has given to her face a completely new dimension.

Her nostrils are reduced significantly and her nose looks smoother and prettier.

The noticeable European like undertones of her newly structured nose has garnered her more attention and praise over the past few months. She looks more confident and sure of herself.

Selena Gomez before and after breast augmentation and nose job

The nose job plastic surgeries trend is gaining a foothold even in the normal working professional people too at a very startling rate.

The obsession to look and feel at best has more to do with mentality than with looks.

Most of the celebrities who undergo the procedure avoid making any public announcement about them. Selena has been no different too. She refused to make any public statement about her less than an evident nose job.

Before and after picture comparison of the last two or three years can show clearly that she has done rhinoplasty but like a majority of celebrities vehemently rejects to accept it.