Michelle Phan Thinner Nose And Elongated Chin After Plastic Surgery

Michelle PhanEveryone knows Michelle Phan, the young girl whom from a young age loved makeup but did not get a chance to wear it. This however changed once she entered high school and she documented to the whole world how she loved makeup and started a YouTube channel. With over 6 million followers and a few years of you tubing under her belt Michelle Phan decided to shock her fans with plastic surgery.

Michelle Phan nose job

Judging from the significant change that has been seen on the makeup videos Michelle has been producing; it is quite obvious that she has undergone plastic surgery regardless what the beauty says. Donning a newer and thinner nose than her previous which was quite gigantic and make her look all plum round, it is safe to state the Asian beauty has found a new makeup trick. However to be sure take a closer look at some of her before and after tutorials and judge for yourself.

Michelle Phan chin job

This may be just of her greatest accomplishments so far. Even though it is not a common surgery done to many celebrities Michelle Phan deemed it necessary to enhance her looks on her videos. The chin job was done by reducing the lower jaw .The lower jaw is reduced by cutting on the masseter muscle just below the teeth so as to give it a more oval shape. Which is the most preferred to many makeup artists as it makes makeup look fantastic. However before doing a permanent job Michelle seems to have undergone a number of botox injections which usually have the same effect with repeated use. In addition Michelle also added chin fillers to the sides of her jaws to elongate her chin. However in this case Michelle has used only temporary fillers as the operation marks that would otherwise be seen if it was permanent are not there. On the other hand it is clear that the new look does make her methods seem more attractive than before.

Michelle Phan Before And After Plastic Surgery

Eyelid surgery

Everybody knows that Asian have smaller eyelids and it’s always almost okay. However Michelle did not think that her eyelids did any justice to her looks and thus opted for a eyelid plastic surgery. This change helped her to have less sagging and drooling eyes and bigger and beautiful eyes. Being a makeup tutor, she has her eyes popping up much more now due to the knife process .However this look does suit her more as comparing it with her previous photos she is definitely more beautiful.

Even though she has disappointed many of her fans since she is always preaching about natural beauty, many cannot judge Michelle Phan for going under the knife to enhance her looks. This is because it is pretty obvious that the lady is growing older and needs to keep up with her audience who are relatively very young compared to her. However it is her makeup skills and her face that got her the big gigs and even a chance of partnering with even big brands like L’Oreal. She can therefore say that she did it all for her fans and of course for the money which seems to be very good from any view point.