Patricia Heaton looking great after plastic surgery

Patricia Heaton plastic surgeryPatricia Heaton was born on March 4, 1958 and is an actress and producer. She is known for her role as Debra in the CBS sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond in which she starred from 1996 to 2005. She was born in Ohio and has three sisters and one brother. Patricia Heaton is a mother of four. Her father and brother are writers, her father was a sports writer while her brother is a columnist in the same paper his father wrote in the Plain Dealer.

Patricia Heaton’s rumored plastic surgery are not rumors. They are often real and that is a fact. She first had her first plastic surgery to reshape her body after giving birth to her child. Then she had breast surgery to regain her nice breasts. This she did using three types of plastic surgery, breast lifting, breast reduction and a tummy tuck. In addition she has had Botox and facial surgery as well. She is one of the lucky ones whose surgeries have worked well and make her look beautiful but natural. She however does not hide the fact that she has had plastic surgery.

Patricia Heaton after tummy tuck plastic surgery

She gives advice on where to seek plastic surgery and how to maintain your appearance after it. She started having surgery after having her four sons to remove stretch marks, remove unwanted fat around her waist and to help her breasts get back to shape after breast feeding.

Patricia Heaton before and after breast surgery

She has made her confession on TV in a program called “Back to You”. The reason she had her breast reduced was to fit with her body shape. On the facial surgery she says she wanted to enhance her youthful look and this involved facial reconstruction. The operations she underwent include facial fillers, brow lift, Botox and lip injections. The photos below show that this worked well for her. She looks much younger. Her admissions of surgery put off any rumors started and they even show her self esteem is very high.

Patricia Heaton good plastic surgery

The only procedure she has not yet discussed is the facial surgery. She is cautious not to overdo the surgeries and only does necessary procedures to improve her appearance. It is believed that she has had chemical peels to fight aging for some time. This is an opinion of a well renowned plastic surgeon who was voted the best plastic surgeon.

Patricia Heaton is certainly a brave woman , who is defiant about what the public has to say in regards to her having her cosmetic surgery. This makes her adorable and has led to improved public relations with both the media and her fans. Those who support plastic surgery and those who don’t can comfortably discus her procedures without enmity. This actress has made plastic surgery popular because it looks good on her and accentuates her best features. Her advice to those who would want to follow in her footsteps is well received and creates a special bond. She endorses the procedures which must be a plus for her plastic surgeon who can only be happy with free marketing.

Patricia Heaton looking great

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