Nikki Mudarris is one of the many celebrities alleged to have enhanced their looks to keep sexy and attractive. Nikki is a member of the Mudarris family, which owns a series of strip clubs.

She is also a cast member of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reality show. Everyone looks at Nikki and they are amazed by her beauty and curves.

She has indeed changed on almost every part, and it is not yet clear how much she has gone with the plastic surgery. She has confirmed some rumors, but she has also denied others, terming them as malicious. However, not every denial proves innocence.

Some of the latest information on Nikki Mudarris Plastic Surgery allegations and facts are mentioned here. 

Nikki Baby Butt Implant

Have you seen Miss Nikki’s butt lately? You’d think they are germinating. Maybe we didn’t know her much before, some of her previous photos show a lot of difference in her appearance. She has a bigger butt now than ever.

Before she changed so much, Nikki used to have perfectly round behind, but smaller than what she has now. Looking at her pictures only make you feel like grabbing that butt from your screen. This is one part that she has denied to have changed through implants. However, many Hollywood fans have expressed their love for her voluminous assets.

Even though she continues to deny it, many of her fans still think she might be lying on this.

Isn’t Nikki’s rear disproportionate to her body?

Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Nikki has admitted in recent interviews that she had her nose surgically modified. She just confirmed something that we had already known. Her fans and many other entertainment fans had previously suspected that she had rhinoplasty procedure performed on her to change her nose.

In her past photos, she seems to have had a wider nose before, which was even bigger. The plastic surgeon combined a high degree of artistry and surgical skill to make her nose narrower, smoother, shorter, and pointed at the tip. The nose bridge has also been straightened.

Lately, she has been out to silence her haters, who think she is too much plastic.

Breast Augmentation

Even cosmetic surgery experts think the actress’ boobs look like plastic. It is alright to want to look good, especially if you have millions of eyes trying to find fault in your looks.

Boobs mean a lot to most women, and it is one of the parts that people first look at. Looking at Nikki Baby before and after photos prove that the multitalented star has changed greatly on the chest. Her boobs are bigger and perfectly round, a feature that has earned her boobs lots of liking among her fans. In fact, she makes sure her chest is the most visible part in almost all her photos on the internet.

She has also confirmed rumors on this part, saying that she does whatever she wants to stay beautiful, which is true.

Do you think Nikki Mudarris boob job is a success?

Cheek and Lip Fillers

Her lips have retained their sexiness in the current version, though they are much better now. Nikki’s lips have transformed over the years, and now they are fuller and fits better on her face. She must have had them filled with some of the best lip fillers in the plastic surgery world.

Rumors have it that she also modified her cheeks with the use of cheek fillers. Her cheeks have evidently changed, and now her fans are dying to find out if she had them injected with cheek fillers.

She has denied these allegations.

Botox Injection and Facial Fillers

Though she is only 24, some people have alleged that Nikki is too smooth on the face to be true. No one expects to see wrinkles on her face right now since she is still pretty young, but her face seems injected with fillers and Botox to make it smooth.

Another look at her photos reveals that the real estate heiress had even the smile lines removed to give her a super smooth appearance.

If plastic surgery is involved in the changes on the actress appearance, then that must have been a truly talented cosmetic surgeon. Hate it or love it, Nikki’s body is gorgeous. The so-called haters have gone a long way to criticize her for the transformation. The even call Nikki’s body fake. Maybe they are just being jealous, who knows.

Do you agree with her critics on this?

What’s your take on Nikki Mudarris Plastic Surgery rumors?

Nikki Mudarris Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos