Chrissy Tiegan Plastic Surgery ControversyChrissy Teigen is a rising model that is already rocking in the fashion world. Being the sizzling American model that she is, she’s won many hearts of those who have a great interest in the fashion field.

Born Christine Diane in 1985, she has made a name in other fields too.

Chrissy Teigen Plastic Surgery is something everyone is talking about lately. Rumor has it that the super beautiful model, who also co-host on Spike TV show “Lip Sync Battle”, has resorted to cosmetic surgery to get her better sexier look.

Some of her fans are disagreeing with the rumors, claiming that the model might just be smart with her makeup. Do you think so too?

Cheek Implant

Chrissy Teigen is believed to have done something to her cheeks. She denied these allegations even when her recent pictures show that she has some incredible cheekbones.

Ok, her cheeks look different and this one is a bit too clear when her past and present photos are compared.

The new cheeks are clearly smoother and protruding better.

Chrissy Teigen Plastic Surgery Before and After

Nose Job

A closer look at her nose in both present and past photos, her nose doesn’t look much different. There are sources, however, that claim Chrissy might have gotten a nose job.

These sources claim that her nose looks a little bit trimmed. There are plastic surgeons who think it won’t be realistic to rule out a nose job in Chrissy Teigen’s case. They think Chrissy must have got her nose done by some highly skilled cosmetic surgeon.

Since Chrissy herself denies these rumors, we just have to look again and see. Whatever the case, Chrissy is still one of the most beautiful women celebrities.Chrissy Teigen Before and After Plastic Surgery

Breast Augmentation

Chrissy Teigen has some lovely breasts. In fact, some people say that her breasts have been enhanced through breast augmentation. Some of her fans are refuting these claims, arguing that she has always had those breasts even before.

A closer look at the boobs from two different photos (one from the past and another taken recently) show a slight change from what she used to have. And that is why some people think she high likely had them surgically modified.

Being that she is a top model, it isn’t easy to rule out the possibility of a Plastic Surgery since it is a common thing among celebrities.

However, whether she got her boobs from a cosmetic procedure or if they are just natural, she has lovely boobs.

Chrissy Teigen Plastic Surgery Before and After3

Before and After Photos

In Chrissy Teigen’s Plastic Surgery case, I had to look a little closer at her past and previous photos to see if I could determine the difference widely talked about. She is a little different in the two photos.

First, her nose looks natural, but there is a slight difference. The boobs also appear the same but not entirely.

Chrissy has always been a beautiful young woman.

Since her career is associated with perfection, she might have decided to make some changes to her appearance. But now that she hasn’t confirmed any of these speculations, everyone just has to choose whether or not to believe their own eyes.

Do you think Chrissy Teigen Plastic Surgery rumors are true?

Chrissy Teigen Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos