Madonna plastic surgeryMadonna is a household name for many people for both the good and the bad as she seems to be hated and loved in the same measure.

However, clocking 60 years this world Guinness record holder for most sold out female artist has is more than meets the eye.

Having not changed over the last couple of years it is either that she has stumbled upon the fountain of youth or is constantly going under the knife to look young.

Madonna Plastic Surgery Speculations

Looking at Madonna in recent time the possibility of her having numerous plastic surgeries has finally come to light. With the most notable yet biggest tours like the girlie show world tour in 1993 and rebel heart tour in 2015 nothing seems to have aged, with the fact that it is already over 20 years.

However in a selfie that she took on Instagram both the media and her fans agree that there is a noticeable scar to the right side of her ear, supporting the rumor circulating.

Procedures done

Known to be a performer on stage and having a skimpy fashion style sense, it seems like Madonna has to keep everyone silent by looking good.

In this case, she seems to be on auto-pilot when it comes to the number of cosmetic procedures done on her.

Madonna disaster plastic surgery


Having taken a selfie too soon after a plastic surgery procedure, Madonna seems to have spilled the secret that she is indeed not as young as she wants to be portrayed. Her forehead and eye area show straight straightness that not even 30 years old can pull off. Experts, in this case, have agreed on the fact that previous procedures done were of transplantation of adipose tissue especially under her eyes.

This can especially be seen when comparing her before and after photos.


No doubt when one looks at Madonna smile they will see perfect round cheeks with a lot of blush.

However, even with some experts stating that she uses hyaluronic acid for that, the fullness seen lately seems to be much more than previously noted confirming to fans of her use of cheek implants.

Madonna Plastic Surgery Nightmare

Rhinoplasty (nose job)

Without a doubt, Madonna has indeed had some work done to make her nose a little bit more attractive.

Her previous before photos in her 20 show a flatter wider nose.

However, in her recent photos, she spots a sharp thinner and in all ways more attractive nose.


When it comes to releasing new albums and going on cover photo shoots Madonna has been rumored to use collagen to make her lips fuller.

However, with the fact that it is temporary red carpet events of her normal lips is the only way the media and fans noticed the difference.

Madonna stay young thanks to plastic surgery

Madonna Plastic Surgery Response

Like many celebrities, when Madonna is asked if she has had any plastic surgery her answer is always a no. But even with this, she doesn’t seem to fool anyone as it is there for all to see.

With the previous Madonna Plastic Surgery’s being a total success to the extent of even experts disagreeing, it seems like Madonna has changed Surgeons.

Having more scars noticeable on her temples and nose area, another plausible reason may be that finally after all those procedures her body is finally giving way and she can no longer hide the reality of getting plastic surgery.