Jennifer Grey 1Jennifer Grey is a renowned American actress most known for her film roles in the 1980 films Dirty Dancing and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Her career has been successful with a Golden Globe Award nomination.

She also made waves with her much recent victory in the 11th season of Dancing with the Stars, the American version in 2010. More recently news about Jennifer Grey plastic surgery has made her a subject to online criticism.

The famous “nose job from hell” has landed her in trouble with many fans literally.

Many have been wondering about her current appearance with rumors going around on the number of cosmetic procedures she has had. Truth is that, yes, she did have a nose job or rhinoplasty and her intention was to have her distinctive nose bump removed.

The opposite happened and instead, she came out with her face looking entirely different. This was revealed after she confessed on media speculations claiming her surgery wasn’t what she had expected.

Jennifer Gray has probably had her lips injected with fillers. Most of her fans have admitted that she is one of the sexiest celebrities in Hollywood. They are all attracted to her pretty baby face, sensual lips and nice skin. She certainly doesn’t want to look old so she had removed wrinkles on her forehead and around her eyes.

She was quoted saying that she got into the operating theatre a known actress and a celebrity but left anonymous. Her nose job has made her totally unrecognizable by changing her facial appearance. She is now an actress who was once famous but isn’t recognized any more thanks to her plastic surgery. Going through her before and after pictures, she looks like two different people and the difference is too loud and significant.

Jennifer Grey Before And After Plastic Surgery

She once even considered getting a name change to re-start her career all over again. Her career was going so well for her so you wonder what even pushed her to want to look any different. She joins the endless list of celebrities who couldn’t resist the pressure of going through with body alterations by the knife. Gossip has it that she had this procedure done after her shots.

She attributes the death of her movie career to that one mistake. There really wasn’t any problem with her previous appearance and she should have stuck to it. Many celebrities try to maintain their youthfulness by making dramatic decisions forgetting that they are in the public eye at all times. This makes it hard for them to get away with mistakes no matter how minor and the transition period can be really difficult.

Jennifer Grey has publicly admitted to regretting her decision. She isn’t alone in this though there are many notable figures who have managed to ruin their careers voluntarily and single-handedly for no reason at all. The results are plain horrific. Many stars start out naturally beautiful and they end up bowing down to unnecessary procedures which leave them looking and feeling horrible. The need to seek assistance all the time from plastic surgeons can be misleading.

The Jennifer Grey plastic surgery is just one example of celebrity surgeries that have gone bad and were noticed publicly. The good thing is that she admits her fault, unlike many others who look awful and still try to defend themselves. It seems celebrities aren’t as smart as they portray themselves to be or as their fans deem them.