Sean Patrick Flanery 3Sean Patrick Flanery is an American actor born on October 11, 1965 in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Crazy as it may sound, a girl made Flanery attend the University of St Thomas in Houston where he took up a drama class which later became his breakthrough.

He is widely known for his character in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and enthusiastically popular motion pictures The Boondocks Saints.

There has been a wealth of conjecture concerning Flanery’s appearance over the years. Rumors have been circulating that he might have had plastic surgery to enhance his looks and keep him looking fresher. Those who saw him in his early actions are dismayed at the sudden changes in his face.

This great transition is said to have taken place seemingly between 2008 when he acted in the movie Crystal River and 2009 when he starred in other movies including Deadly Impact and All Saints. Well, many of his fans preferred his original looks as I think he might have lost some fan base after surgery.

Sean Patrick Flanery Before

His fans had a hard time recognizing him because of changes on him. Photos mingling in the media seem to firmly support this allegation.

It’s indistinct whether the makeover and cheek transplants were really conceded out efficiently and in the imminent impacts on the actor. By then rumors were running wild that something had transpired. Many referred to Flanery’s face as appearing to some extent swollen or bulging, specifically around his eyes.

Now when he is hardly identifiable people attribute it on plastic surgery. The protuberance under his eyes is a clear indication that he undertook blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery. This cosmetic surgery is administered to the face and it sure brings noticeable changes and presumably this was what Flanery underwent because his before and after looks have a distinct appearance. Despite his facial changes his acting skills are unaltered as he seems energetic to ecstasy.

Well, there are some other theories fluctuating around the internet trying to prove that he didn’t actually undergo surgery, including an alleged car accident but there was never a certified report to validate that story. The row that Flanery lacks extreme trust in his looks is well-thought-out as deplorable since he opted for artificial appearances.

People who are natural are whispered to deliver superior delight to fans.

Sean Patrick Flanery Plastic Surgery Before and After

Though modern media have indicated their inclination to the theory of Sean’s plastic surgery, he has clearly put them off easily as just mere rumors. He even stated that he has never even thought of taking such a move. Or is it may be that his desire and addiction to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and karate may have taken its toll on his looks, conceivably from boxing the mat. But then again that’s an impossible theory so no one has to believe it.

Well clearly no one knows why Flanery underwent plastic surgery but most people are not happy and confident with their physical looks hence modifying them. This divergence will, however, remain a deep farewell line as celebrities hold their enigmas so close to cores.